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FXSLab Phaser Evolution

Phaser Evo is a fully automated trading system. It is designed to take advantage from big and fast movements of the market and it can potentially be used in any kind of financial instrument.

It is released with a portfolio of 8 different pairs already optimized, anyway there are no limitations in the development of new configurations.

The stop loss is always set but only for safety reason, the robot usually closes the losing positions before stops are reached. When a profit trade is taken, it can lasts from few minutes to several days.

Since it is common during high impact news to have unusual spread enlargements, a spread filter has been created to limit the trade activity in these particular conditions.


  • Multicurrency Mode = true/false: The expert can work in multi-currency mode. When set to true it trades all the symbols from one chart, otherwise it trades the instrument related to the chart where it is running.
  • Reinvest Capital = true/false: Automated money management, it invests a percentage of free margin. (the percentage is specified on the next parameter)
  • % to invest = percentage of free margin used for every trade (only if Reinvest Capital is set to true)
  • Number of Lots = Fixed quantity of lots to invest in every trade. (only if Reinvest Capital is set to false)
  • EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD... Mode: It is possible to choose from three different setup for each instrument:
    • Short Term Strategy: Uses a configuration that closes the trade within the trading session. It lasts no more than one day.
    • Medium Term Strategy: Uses the setup that keep the trade and close it with a built in strategy. It can lasts several days.
    • No Trading: Do not trade this instrument
  • EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD... Rename: Some brokers do not use standard names for instruments. It is possible to register here the correct name for every instrument. If your broker uses standard names leave this values unchanged.
  • Activate Safety Orders Expiration (true/false): If set to true, it enable the pending orders expiration to avoid unwanted positions when no client-server connection.
  • Order Expiration if no update activity (seconds): Number of seconds after which the order will be deleted.
  • Order Expiration update (seconds): number of seconds in advance for updating the expiration date.

Parameters (for personalized configurations)

  • Manual Mode (true/false): If it is set to true the expert will work on the current chart and the following parameters will be considered.
  • Distance from Price (Points): Distance from the current price of the pending orders
  • GMT Start Time (Hour): Start hour of the trading session (expressed as GMT Time)
  • GMT Start Time (Minutes): Start minutes of the trading session (expressed as GMT Time)
  • Starts on day before: Set to true if the expert is initialized and the trading session has been started on the day before
  • Trading session (Minutes): Lasting time of the trading session in minutes
  • Take Profit (Points): Take profit in Points
  • Stop Loss (Points): Stop loss in Points
  • BreakEven (Points): Breakeven in Points
  • Gain Margin BreakEven (Points): Points of gain to set when breakeven level is reached
  • Trailing Stop (Points): Trailing stop in Points
  • Update Pending orders (Seconds): Delay of updating the pending orders according to the current price in seconds
  • Cancel Opposite Order (true/false): If set to true, the opposite pending order is canceled when a the other one is triggered
  • Close Running Trades if No Profit (true/false): If set to true, losing positions are closed after some seconds from the opening of the trade (specified in the next parameter)
  • Close Running Trades if No Profit After (Seconds): Time to wait before to close losing positions after the opening time of the trade. (works if previous parameter is set to true)
  • Close Open Orders when session ends (true/false): If set to true, running trades are closed some minutes after the session ends. Duration of the session is specified in "Trading session" parameter.
  • Close Open Orders when session ends (Minutes): Minutes to wait before to close running positions after the trading session is ended (works if previous parameter is set to true)
  • Activate Spread Control (true/false): If true it activates the filter for excessive spread value.
  • Maximum acceptable spread (Points): Maximum value acceptable of spread in Points.
  • Magic Number: It is possible to trade the same instrument on the same account in more than one chart. For this particular case it is necessary to keep this number different.

Trading Conditions

  • The expert needs to be always connected, a VPS is highly recommended
  • Currency pairs: All, using pre-configured or self configured setups.
  • Timeframe: All.
  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Low spread ECN Accounts recommended
Adam Goman
Adam Goman 2017.05.05 16:29 


Chihteng Lin
Chihteng Lin 2017.04.26 10:05 

This EA!

Is a genius masterpiece

(Recommended ECN account)

The author is a responsible person

Very patiently answered my question

Because of low risk, I have been placed in the LIVE account

Today GBPAUD brings 43pips profit

Version 1.3 2017.05.24
Minor code fix
Version 1.2 2017.04.18
- Minor improvements on closing algorithms
- New pair preset added.
- Expiry of the pending orders (useful in case of lost connection between Metatrader and broker server)