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Elementary is a grid Expert Advisor following a custom indicator. It can be used for any currency pair and timeframe. Make sure to test the EA in the strategy tester for each symbol and your broker before launching it on a real or a demo account. Indicator period - from 2 to 240. The lesser the value, the more trades are opened. The greater the value, the less trades are opened and the less the drawdown.


  • Slippage
  • The distance between the STOP orders
  • The distance between LIMIT orders
  • Lot
  • Lot addition to the LIMIT orders
  • Lot addition to the STOP orders
  • Trade will be used in a single cycle
  • Profit in deposit currency
  • Magic
  • Indicator period


  • Any pairs.
  • Leverage - at least 1:200.
  • 5-digit quotes (recommended).
  • Round-the-clock virtual hosting (VPS).
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