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The MFC EA is an adaptive expert, able to adjust to the current market situation. The EA is based on a proprietary strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and within a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has rollback and retracement waves. If the wave-like movement of the price is a given, then why not use it? The EA determines the current wave and uses it as a basis for plotting price channels with a certain expansion coefficient. When the price leaves the formed range, the EA opens a trade.

Input parameters

  • Trailing Start - Position trailing start.
  • Trailing Step - Step or distance to move the Stop Loss from the current price.
  • Take Profit - Take Profit level in points.
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss level of order in points.
  • Lot - Lot size (works only if RISK%% is set to 0).
  • Risk %% - percentage of the current deposit per trade (if set to 0, uses the lot size specified by trader).
  • Momentum Period - period for calculation of market strength.
  • Fractal Period - the number of bars to identify a wave.
  • History Bars - the number of bars in the history.
  • Minimum bars channel - The minimum length of a channel.
  • Coefficient channel - coefficient of the price channel.
  • Alert - notification when opening a trade (True - show, False - hide)
  • Opposite Signal - When an opposite signal appears, move the position to breakeven or close it at the current profit. (True - enable, False - disable)


Optimize the EA for each currency pair on a time interval of 2 weeks for the H1 timeframe. The obtained results will be valid for 1 trading week, then perform optimization again. For the H4 timeframe, set the optimization period to 2 months. The obtained results will be valid for 1 trading month. You can also trade manually. Use a VPS for the EA operation. It is not recommended to use the EA on pairs with a very large spread. Periods for trading: H1, H1. This Expert Advisor is also available for the MetaTrader 4

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