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TPS sova

This Expert Adviser uses scalping based on the strength of the current trend movement. It's able to work on many instruments and brings significant profit with little drawdown.

Nork 2016.03.21 04:01 

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.01.24 00:35 

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Stefan Jagger
Stefan Jagger 2015.11.05 18:47 


wang_guoji 2014.06.03 04:38   

my account is loss ,why?

Arief Adianto
Arief Adianto 2014.05.19 16:34 

not working like on tester

Richer Araujo
Richer Araujo 2013.11.29 18:24 

Best (EA) all this market.

Version 1.15 2017.03.07
Fixed errors in detection of trend direction. Fixed operation of martingale and breakeven.
Version 1.14 2016.11.08
Fixed errors when placing BUY orders with martingale enabled.
Version 1.13 2016.07.14
1. Improved martingale operation when working in multi-currency mode.
2. Fixed errors in breakeven and trailing operation.
3. More specific EA messages.
Version 1.12 2014.01.15
Fixed hedging.
Version 1.11 2014.01.13
1. Changed the calculation principle for pairs with no decimal part.
2. Added hedging option. If it is enable, the Expert Advisor will not open trades until there is a position with the same magic number.
3. Added "timer for hedge holding" parameter that delays hedging.
4. "force to open pos for hedging pairs" - force the EA to open a position on a hedged pair.
5. "invert forced position" - inverts a hedging position.
Version 1.10 2014.01.06
1. Extended the daily limitation system - added the possibility to set a limit in points.
2. Added "force to close position after limit" parameter that closes a position once it reaches the daily limit.
3. Default settings are as on VPS.
4. Fixed maximum lot calculation.
5. Stop levels and the spread are now considered by the trailing stop.
Version 1.9 2013.12.09
Added "use trail TP" that enables/disables trailing TP in a profitable direction.
Version 1.8 2013.11.29
1. Changed default settings to those set on the test account.
2. Fixed profit\loss limiters.
Version 1.7 2013.11.28
1. Сhanged the name of "Minute to stop traiding" parameter to "Minute to start traiding".
2. Changed "Daily profit" to "Daily limits".
3. Added parameter to limit loss per day: "limit loss in day, 0-disable".
4. Removed "limitprofitday" option. Now you can disable profit limitation by setting 0 for "limit profit in day, 0-disable".
5. Fixed simultaneous operation of the daily profit limiter and the timer.
Version 1.6 2013.11.26
1. Introduced symbol specification analysis and set a priority of selecting a minimum and maximum lot. Now, if the volume step is 0.1, volume is rounded to the first decimal digit. If the volume step is 1, volume is rounded to the first integer number.
2. Also if the minimal lot for a symbols is 0.1, and in the settings you have 0.01, the minimum lot will be selected according to the symbol specification. If the minimum lot for the symbol is 0.01, and in the settings you have 0.1. the value from the setting will be used.
3. Now the maximum lot requested by the Expert Advisor is limited by the symbol specification and the new parameter.
Version 1.5 2013.11.20
1. Added parameter "smartmartin", that brings the specified number of steps of the martingale to breakeven, at that it breaks the series.
2. Fixed the daily timer (now it does close the open positions).
Version 1.4 2013.11.18
1. Added daily timer (now EA can make trades only at the specified time and it is forced to close the positions at the specified time).
2. Added daily profit limiter (when the daily profit exceed the specified value, EA stops trading).
3. Modified inputs interface for easier search of parameters.
4. Added a limitation on the maximum spread during trading. No trades are made if the limit is exceeded.
5. Fixed a bug resulting in placing an order when there are no quotes.
6. Now you can set % MM to less than 1.
7. Corrected martingale.