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Volatility Report

Volatility Report is an utility EA to check the average daily volatility in bands of 1 hour for a given pair.

Quickly, through backtest, we can know the hours of the day with greater and lesser volatility, as well as the average pips moved during those hours (this information can help us to set the levels of stop loss and take profit of those hours).

The information is displayed as text, in pips and % of daily volatility. It's also shown graphically through horizontal bars.

Bars colors emphasize the hours with greater volatility with green. Red those of less volatility, and yellow the rest.

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Alexey Suvorov
2017.10.01 13:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Joel Simmons
2017.04.16 02:32 

Pretty cool tool. Thanks for posting.

Fabrizio Pellegrino
2017.02.09 11:07 

Thank you!