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XR Simple Scalper

XR Simple Scalper is an Expert Advisor totally automatic.

The strategy is based on a breakout, it trades using pending BUY STOP and SELL STOP orders.


The EA is recommended for use on the EURUSD pair. Recommended working time frame is M5.

Recommended broker, any 5 digit, with the spread on EURUSD less than 10.

Input Parameters

  • Comment: used for comment
  • Magic Number: Magic number
  • Lots: lot size is set by user, if the value of MM is "false".
  • Money Management: Money Management on/off
  • Risk: Risk value in %
  • Trailing On/Off: Trailing on/off
  • Trailing Start in point: trailing start in point
  • Trailing Stop in point: trailing stop in point
  • Trailing Step in point: trailing step in point
  • Take Profit in point: take profit in point
  • Stop Loss in point: stop loss in point
  • Breakout in point: set breakout in point
  • Spread Protection On/Off: Spread Protection On/Off
  • Max Spread: maximum spread accepted to trade
  • Minutes of Suspension Trading For Hight Spread: Minutes of Suspension Trading For Hight Spread
  • Slippage: set slippage
  • Display On/Off: display on/off
  • Start Date Count Profit: Start Date Count Profit
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