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US Dollar Index Now

This utility calculates and displays the US Dollar Index (USDX DXY) without needing any rates from the broker. This means that even if your broker does not provide all needed currency pairs or if they have not been loaded, you can still see the US Dollar Index in an elegant modern way inside your MetaTrader 5 terminal.

How it works

Rates are retrieved using a web service and then the US Dollar Index is calculated and displayed. This Index is indicative of the strength (or weakness) of the Dollar and is thus extremely useful for trading. If the Index has increased, the interface will turn blue. If the index has decreased, it will turn red.

How to use it

  1. Open MetaTrader 5 and login to your trading account.
  2. Buy and download the "US Dollar Index Now " utility from here or by clicking on the "Market" tab in the toolbox pane and search for "US Dollar Index Now".
  3. In MetaTrader 5 under Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors tick the check box "Allow WebRequest for listed URL".
  4. Add the following URL to the list of allowed URLs: http://webrates.truefx.com
  5. Open any chart.
  6. Drag the "US Dollar Index Now" utility onto the chart. It can be found in the "Navigator" pane under "Expert Advisors".
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