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Sentinel Reaper EA

The Sentinel Reaper EA is a capital preservation robot that automates many trader tasks. This EA will effect all orders with the Magic# specified (0 for manual trades). If using the Sentinel Reaper EA to trade from the Order Zone (see below), manual lot sizes may be used, or, the EA can calculate 0.01/$1000 * PositionSizeMultiplier and place the order for you.

The Defensive Management toolset (based on Magic# and Symbol) will automatically set a stop loss based on POINTS and take profit based on the trader's desired Risk/Reward ratio. Breakeven is also implemented based on POINTS in profit. The are multiple trailing options that a trader can utilize if he/she so chooses, as well as a Hedge Losing Trade option. The Hedge functionality also incorporates a CloseHedgeAtPercent which will close the orders at a separate profit percent than the PercentProfitTarget.

The Target Management toolset (based on Magic# and Symbol) will automatically close out trades when the desired target is hit with the Bid price. A target line, Fib retracement, moving average (for correction plays) and a close at % profit of balance can all be used.

This EA, as per all EAs in the Reaper series, have an Order Zone which can be used in the strategy tester to allow the trader to practice strategies and utilize all functions of this EA, as well as place live trades in their terminal. There is also a Situational Awareness HUD on the upper left side of the screen for quick glance information regarding the EA and account.

Parameter Inputs

Order Management

  • MagicNumber - Unique number for the EA to distinguish orders by. Set to another EA's Magic# to manage it's trades, or 0 to manage manual trades.
  • ManualPositionSize - Set the position size for EA to place order if wanted.
  • AutoPositionSize - Have EA calculate position size using 0.01/$1000 * PositionSizeMultiplier.
  • ActivateZoneOrder - Have EA submit buy or sell market order within green/red zone boxes.
  • LongTrades - Allow long trades.
  • ShortTrades - Allow short trades.

Defensive Management

  • AutoSLTP - Allow automatic stop loss and take profit.
  • SL - Stop loss in POINTS from Open price.
  • RR_Multiplier - The number to multiply the SL by for your Risk/Reward ratio.
  • AutoBreakEven - Allow automatic breakeven to occur.
  • BreakEven - POINTS price must be in profit before breakeven will occur.
  • TrailByPip - Allow this trail type.
  • Trail - POINTS to trail price by.
  • TrailByATR - Allow this trail type.
  • PercentOfATR - Percent of the 14 period Daily ATR that will be trailed. This number is in decimals (25% = 0.25, 250% = 2.50).
  • TrailByMovingAverage - Allow this trail type.
  • MATimeFrame - Timeframe for Moving Average.
  • MAPeriod - Period for Moving Average
  • MAType - Type of Moving Average to trail with.
  • HedgeLosingTrades - Allow Hedging. Ensure there is enough margin/capital when using this feature.
  • Max_Orders - Allow no more than this many orders to be placed in total.
  • Multiplier - This number will multiply the previous position size for the new hedge order that will be place.
  • RangeDistance - The number of POINTS above and below the initial order that hedging will occur.
  • CloseHedgeOnPercent - This will close the hedged orders once a profit percent (based on balance) is hit.
  • CloseHedgeAtPercent - Profit percent to close hedged orders.

Target Management

  • CloseByLines - Close all orders once price hits the line. Buy orders close when they hit BuyCloseLine, and sell orders close when they hit SellCloseLine.
  • ShowClosingLines - Show/Hide the lines to close by (must show lines in order to use them to close orders).
  • ShowText - Show/Hide text of the lines.
  • CloseAtFibTarget - Allow Fib retracement targets to close orders. Fib retracement must be drawn on chart and renamed to "Fib".
  • FibTarget - Fib retracement ratio used to close orders. (input as decimals...0.5, 0.618, 1.00, etc...).
  • CloseAtMATarget - Use a Moving Average as a target to close orders. Mainly used for correction plays.
  • CloseAtMATimeFrame - Timeframe of Moving Average.
  • CloseAtMAPeriod - Period of Moving Average.
  • CloseAtMAType - Type of Moving Average.
  • CloseOnPercent - Allow closing of all orders once profit target is hit. This is a percent based on account balance.
  • Percent_ProfitTarget - Percent of balance (profit) which must be hit to close all orders on symbol.
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Version 1.1 2017.01.25
Version 1.1 Updates Include:

-Close ALL open orders with magic number by profit % based on balance. Excellent for basket trading.
-Close ALL open orders with magic number by drawdown % based on balance.
-Close open orders on EA'ed symbol with magic number by drawdown % based on balance.
-Trailing stop loss by High(sell orders) and Low(buy orders) based on X bars back.