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Hot Point Extra

Hot Point Extra - the Expert Advisor includes 10 ready-to-use strategies for the M15 period and currency pairs GBPNZD, EURCAD, GBPAUD, AUDNZD, GBPCAD, AUDCHF, CADCHF, NZDCAD, EURNZD, NZDCHF. The strategies can also be used for other currency pairs by appropriately setting SymbolStrategy.

The EA has been developed and optimized for M15.

Hot Point Extra can work independently or as supplementary tool with HotPointAuto. When using the same MagicNumber, can wok in global recovery mode together with HotPointAUTO (if GlobalRecovery=true and Extrarecovery>1)

Each of the 10 strategies contains 100 virtual Expert Advisors Prototype-4 with different optimized parameters. Prototype-4 uses averaging and martingale. For a detailed description of the strategy refer to HotPointAUTO


  • SymbolStrategy - the list of strategies. AUTO - default.
  • Risk – risk (<2 000 – high, >5 000 – low);
  • Min Lot To Start, relative value – minimum value of the calculated lot, with which the EA will start opening positions. A relative value;
  • Frequency – minimum value of the next lot. A relative value;
  • Max.Total Lots, relative value – maximum number of open lots of the current pair. A relative value;
  • Auto GMT – enable the automatic calculation of the difference between GMT and server time (use ManualGMTOffset for the strategy tester, as the automatic method cannot work during testing);
  • ManualGMTOffset=2 – set the difference between the terminal time and GMT (used for testing with any value of AutoGMT and in real trading with AutoGMT = false)
  • SummerTime – used only during testing. Required for the EA to automatically shift GMTOffset by one hour. Set this parameter to true, if it is Daylight Saving Time now, and to false, if it is not. Also make sure you set the current GMTOffset of the broker in the ManualGMTOffset parameter.
  • Slippage – maximum acceptable slippage in points;
  • Magic Number – unique number of the EA's trades;
  • FIFO – close orders by the FIFO rule;
  • Fixed Balance - fix the balance;
  • Time Filter – at the end of HourEnd time positions are closed and stored in memory (like when clicking Close&Rem). Positions are opened from HourStart time by virtual strategy signals.
  • Hour Start – trading start hour by GMT;
  • Hour End – trading end hour by GMT;
  • Close And Remember Before Weekend – close and remember the positions before the weekend;
  • Close All And Restart After DD,% – close all positions and resume the EA operation after a drawdown in percents of the deposit;
  • Partition Close – partial closure if the calculated lot became less than the current position (recommended to set to true);
  • Limit Orders Of Symbol – limitation of open orders per symbol, 0 - no limit.
  • SpreadLimit – set the spread limit in points, 3.0 by default (automatically multiplied by 10 for 5-digit servers). If the spread is greater than this parameter, then virtual strategies work only in the mode of closing, new positions cannot be opened. The exceeding of the limit is displayed on the chart by a message in red.
  • Slow Closing on Friday - if TRUE, virtual strategies do not start trading on Friday if they were closed with profit.
  • ExtraRecovery (work if >1) – additional recovery of losing strategies. The value sets how much riskier trading will be performed until the lost deposit is recovered.
  • Global Recovery - global recovery, if True, the EA will work with a global variable during the additional recovery of the losing strategies. All the HotPointAUTO experts that have the same account and magic number will take part in the simultaneous recovery. If there was a local recovery, then if the GlobalRecovery parameter is set to True, the value of the local variable is transferred to the global variable.
  • Commission - compensation of commission from trades.
  • NewsFilter - news filter. Impact: HighImpact - high. MiddleImpact - middle. LowImpact - low. Speaks - speeches. USDNewsForAll - USD news for all pairs. MinsBeforeNews - minutes before the news. MinsAfterNews - minutes after the news.
error error
2017.03.26 09:38 

Разочаровался в советнике.

Торгует почти год на счёте.

Прибыль небольшая, теряется при сливе стратегии больше заработанного в разы.

Советник хорош только в тестере, оптимизирован ТОЛЬКО под историю.

Последние обновления советника так же, не более чем оптимизация под ближайшую историю и сливы советника.

Регулярно сливающиеся сигналы автора тому подтверждение.

Manabu Yanagita
2017.03.03 11:27 

RISK20000 is BAD!!High risk, low return!

Version 1.2 - 2017.04.12
1. Added news filter.
2. Added saving the status of the SlowClose and TradeNotAllowed buttons.
3. Default values of ManualGMT=3, SummerTime=true.
Version 1.1 - 2017.03.17
1. The speed of the algorithm is increased.
2. Added the pause button after clicking Close&Rem.
3. Added the TradeNotAllowed button.
4. Added the FixBalance option.
5. Added the SlowClose button.