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EvoNightEA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that features a custom algorithm for recognizing the price action and origination of a trend. System opens trrades only according to the direction of Trend and don't Trade reverse!

The system does not use toxic trading methods, such as martingale, averaging of losing positions or scalping (the profit level for each deals is medium-term). It also uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as Trailing Stop mechanism to protect floating profit.

ATTENTION! Due to the unstable work of night scalpers, it was decided to upgrade EvoNightEA to an EA that is completely similar to Apogeum Price Action:


This is system much more stable and safe at any market conditions!

The main feature of EvoNightEA , unlike other systems based on the strategies of Price Action, is the recognition and trading of "creeping trends", not an impulse as another systems. As a result,  EvoNightEA  can be used as a hedging system for another Price Action expert advisors, for example for Momentum Classiic. This became possible thanks to the use of a unique author’s trading strategy, as well as a number of technical indicators and others, some of which are of our own design.

EvoNightEA is designed for professional traders for long-term investments.

EvoNightEA   is designed to work on the following tools:


EvoNightEA is an investment strategy, designed for long-term use with medium-term trading style. Due to this, the system operation results are less dependent on the type of client account (ECN, STP or other), level of spread, commission and slippage, which provides a greater stability in operation.


  • Comment - prefix for comments to trades.
  • GMT Offset (Broker Winter TimeZone);
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot size (not recommended, since the SL value is floating).
    • Risk Level - risk level.
  • Money Management - risk per trade.
  • Supported Currency Pairs - supported currency pairs.
  • One Chart Mode - activate the One Chart Mode (trade all pairs from one chart on the specified timeframe).
  • Symbol Prefix - prefix of the traded pair (for example: "pro.", if the name of the pair is "pro.EURUSD").
  • Symbol Suffix - suffix of the traded pair (for example: ".pro", if the name of the pair is "EURUSD.pro").
  • Special Symbol - activate the Special symbol mode (for example: if your broker uses GOLD instead of XAUUSD, attach the EA (with the One Chart Mode disabled) to the chart and enter "XAUUSD" in the Special Symbol Name field).
  • Special Symbol Name - name of the special symbol.
ferrikevin 2020.04.07 17:06 

I would like to suggest you should NOT trust this author anymore, not only for this EA product, but also for any other new EA.

Because what happened today on this EA, can also be happend one day again.

Ali Taha
Ali Taha 2019.07.17 14:33 

he made his money...... crap EA

Liji Chen
Liji Chen 2019.06.29 18:49 

When a big market happens, you will always place an order in reverse, and you will lose a lot of money overnight.

vanjouke 2019.02.10 07:03 

EvoNightEA is a Best midnight Scalper! I am using it it since november 2017 at few accounts. System is areally stable. It had a big drawdown at summer, but it have showen a great recovery factor and longterm stability.

New version is a awesome!!! Ivan, thank you for Great work and really Great money making machine ;)

Roberto Cosimi
Roberto Cosimi 2018.10.06 20:20 

Very bad :(

Khalid Jmor
Khalid Jmor 2018.09.21 10:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

FormixTrader 2018.08.30 15:49 

Very very bad, i lose more money with this EA

Andrey Melnikov
Andrey Melnikov 2018.08.16 15:49 

Стабильно льет. Выбросил деньги на ветер

Xing Zhihao
Xing Zhihao 2018.08.01 14:07 

It's time to give this EA 1 star , the author is dishonest and always delete his big loss signal.

1.After 40% DD on July 11 he has deleted ICmarkets signal , which start from Sep. 2017. Now you can only see his new signal on MQL5 and this will deceive newcomers.

2.This EA use high risk setting and very small deposit in order to create high growth rates , that's another deception . Risk setting on that deleted signal is 8% that means 40 pips loss will occure loss 8% funds but only deposit 20 USD .

The loss on July 11 is over 120 pips , signal has 40% DD , but he deposit only 20 USD so is has no effect on him . If you copy his setting disaster will come sooner or later.

3.This auther is not only delete signal , but also remove his product . I also buy his EA Macmy , that EA has large DD for several times and he delete the whole product at last without any explanation .

And his use the same method to product marketing , such as high risk setting on small funds accout , delete negative content after bad trading , excessive touted , and so on . He has been warned on DonnaForexForum due to his product marketing .

I can't send attachment in my review so I will upload it on comments.

This product is not as good as the author boasted , everyone should think more carefully and this EA should be run with a very low risk .

Trevor Chan
Trevor Chan 2018.07.23 07:40 

Keep losing since purchase from 3 months ago, if there are update and becomes profitable, I will update the rating.

Update 25 Jan

Thank you for the update from Ivan, it is profitable again after the update, so five star.

Man Cham Wong
Man Cham Wong 2018.07.11 04:22 

Don't trust this EA, orders was placed in wrong direction, you got profit because of luck.

Oscar Pinto
Oscar Pinto 2018.07.11 02:47 

big loses is a bad EA

Forex Checker
Forex Checker 2018.06.25 20:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

peronpmt4 2018.06.20 08:48 

The results of the last 10 days are terrible !! The author should explain to us how suddenly the system loses and even so much! Has it happened in the past to have such a strong downtrend? So I start thinking of stopping it.

Update: 20 june - a real disaster, only losses for three months

Update: 24 july - New version with random mechanism is worse than old one!! Terrible EA!!

update 24 jan 19 - Very good results with this new version!!

13 march 2019: RUBBISH!!!

taobaoo 2018.06.18 00:53 

So far, so good... It's a working and it's a most important!

victor_p 2018.06.17 21:04 

20.10.2017 - I am using Evonight over 2 weeks and results are very good. System is enoght careful for night scalper. My experience suggests: make a profit and withdraw it.

14.01.2017 - Just come back from a rest and see...first good profit! 4 month with EvoNight and still 5 stars!

20.12.2017 - I am using EvoNightEA over 3 month. Results are amazing! It's a best night scalper which I ever have seen!

17.06.2018 - Over 9 month with the EvoNightEA and it's a still main system in my portfolio. After first DD at May I had good profitable series and for now EvoNight have updated hights!

I am sure it will continue to generate a money at future!

Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason 2018.06.17 20:23 

Evonight to the TOP! Great EA, Professinal developer. Just use proper broker and follow author's recommendations.

P.S. Small lifehack: you can use EA not only at recommended pairs - it's working at all currency, which are available at ECN broker's! Only select a pairs for news filter and install lowest risks - I am using over 20 pairs!

Александр Момот
Александр Момот 2018.06.17 19:56 

Советник оправдывает свою цену и уже давно окупился! Использую его на нескольких счетах: Alpari PRO ECN, Tickmill и Pepperstone. Отлично дополняет другие советники. 5 балов за EvoNightEA - это лучший ночной скальпер, который я видел ранее и 10 балов Ивану за поддержку ;)

Forex Captain
Forex Captain 2018.06.16 21:56 

Holly Graal! It's a moneymaking system! Recommend. 5 stars!

Jeferson Nickma
Jeferson Nickma 2018.06.14 20:38 

10/31/17 Very good night scalper! It's only one scalper which are making profit now.

06/14/18 After 9 month I update review. I am using EvoNightEA over 10 month. I have bought and tested many EA from MQL5, but most of them just for tester - real perfomance are bad. Maybe only EvoNightEA have a really cool Live perfomance with the stable results. Unlike another EA's, EvoNight is a very safety and have a high recovery factor. I had DD, but it have covered all losses fast. Of course, we are forex traders, so losses are possible for any system, so I don't panic after DD.

I have over 3 years of experiense with the Expert Advisors: EvoNight, in my opinion, one of the best which I have seen before. It will not make 100% per month, but with the low risks you can earn 10% without problems. EvoNight is a perfect investment!

Xuin Chgen
Xuin Chgen 2018.06.14 17:25 

Not a fake EA, as a most here! It's really working! Just don't hurry and it will make a job. Also very good support and easy setup.

jackblack777 2018.06.14 16:13 

Top product! Very stable, safe and quiet EA. If you need longterm system - EvoNightEA for you!!! You will sleep, EvoNight will make a money for you =)

Дмитрий Кравцов
Дмитрий Кравцов 2018.06.12 00:06 

Very Good EA. Most of trades are profitable. Very high quality of entries and short take profit!

# 19 / 03 / 18 - I have been using EvoNight for a half year. I haven't seen so stable midnight scalper yet! All another systems are working for some month, but EvoNight - exclusion! I hope it will work so good for a long time!

# 10 / 06 / 18 - Good results. I had a drawdown, but recovery factor is very high.

# 10 / 02 / 19 - I am fully satisfied with the EA. Evonight is stable and have good longterm perfomance. I am using system over 1 year!

I Recommend Evonight - it's a very good system. Another one very good Ivan's profuct for 5+!

Heradot 2018.06.12 00:04 

Interesting system and good live results. System make money while I sleep :)

EvoNightEA - 5 stars

Ivan's support - 10 stars

John Natty
John Natty 2018.06.11 23:29 

Great EA!!!

Alexander Kalinkin
Alexander Kalinkin 2018.06.10 23:12 

I have purchased this EA after some time of following the real myfxbook monitoring.

The real trading (regardless the fact of 50 USD deposit) looks promising.

With the decent backtests and news filter the current EA's price seems fair.

I recommend EvoNight as part of portfolio (together with other solid EAs) with moderate risks (1-2% on trade) only with recommended currency pairs and good true ECN brokers.

I will update my review after some time of running this EA on my real accounts..

UPD. After some big DD the EA seems to be going up... hopefully it will get out of the DD and make new highs. Also, Ivan continue working on the EA to make it better and more safe to use... So I keep using it as a part of my night scalpers portfolio.

InfaFX 2018.06.10 12:38 

The company in which I work as a trader and analyst deals with the management of capital. Part of our portfolio is expert advisers. We do not use scalping strategies on company accounts, since they are not intended for large amounts, but I am using Evonight in my personal accounts.

I am more than satisfied with the medium-term results of the system. Unlike other systems on the market, the main advantage of Evonight is the lack of settings for each individual pair - the trading conditions for all instruments are the same. This ensures that the Evonight isn't overfitted for the chosen specific period and this is a guarantee of a stable results in long term. At the moment I know of only 2 similar, not overfitted, systems on the market: Evonight and SFE Price Action.

According the specific of a system and results - 5 stars.

lucky37 2018.06.10 10:16 

I am using Evonight for 4 month. I fully succeed with the results!

Great work - 5 stars!

topsecret2102 2018.06.09 17:32 

I have waited over 1,5 month to left review for Evonight :) During this period I have tested EA at live accounts and the results are very good! Main advantage of Evonight - quick profit. Over 90% of profitable trades - it's a very good result for any system!

# 11/02/2018 - Nearly 6 month I am using EvoNight and still 5 stars! System making profit every night =)

# 4/05/2018 - Over 9 month with the EvoNightEA. It's a MOST STABLE AND PROFITABLE system, which I have ever bought. 10 STARS =)

I am using a lot of Experts from MQL5 Market, but EvoNight have a best perfomance! There are a lot of EA's with the good results in Tester, but at Live only losses. EvoNight don't have any settings (at Ivan's presets only different magic, spreads and settings for news filter) - for all pairs trading settings are the same, so system isn't overfitted, as another systems at market.

# 18/05/2018 System get 2 big losses, but results are still very good. Last loss I had 5 month ago! I don't understand a critic of EvoNightEA and Ivan after 2 losses - it's a Forex and you have been ready for any results. Size of Drawdown is a small.

# 09/06/2018 I had Drawdown last month, but EvoNight have covered it. Now it's begining to make a new profitable series ;)

P.S. I have decreased risks at IC Markets. I fully agree with Ivan - it's a B-Book broker and they can kill any system, when it began to generate a profit! We have to use IC Markets very carefully or try another more honestly brokers, because at another brokers results much more better and I didn't have a big Drawdown!

People, are you first day at Forex? Is it joke? You think 10% DD is a big? 8 profitable month before!

EVONIGHT IS A MOST STABLE EA WHICH I HAVE BOUGHT BEFORE! If we had Drawdown now, so we will have a big profit soon! It's a part of any system. It isn't a martingale or grid - system fixing losses and it's a very safety at the end for your account.

@ework I don't understand you. Ivan's support one of the best at MQL5! I have read your posts: author have explained, but you don't understand it. I think, it's your problem, that you don't understand it!

Thank you Ivan for super support, honest work and BEST night scalper and another systems!

Zhi Zheng
Zhi Zheng 2018.06.09 16:54 

I am using it together with MacmyEA. Results are good. Unlike another systems here, trading results are confirmed by longterm (not some weeks as a systems of another authors) monitorings. I don't understand a negative reviews here. Maybe people newbie at forex and don't understand, that any systems cannot always trading with the profit. Results of EvoNight are very good. I got a drawdown at May, but it was just 10% of all profit, which system have generated before at my account. For now half of losses have been recovered!

Only a 5 stars for EvoNight! I sure it will be work at future so good, as before!

johnman 2018.06.09 16:38 

Very Cool EA. Easy in setup and profitable. Without any sets and optimizations! I am using EvoNight since december 2017.

Ivan is a very professional developer! Just follow his advices and you will get profit!

a_sane3 2018.06.08 00:48 

very goooooooooooooooooooooooooood expert

update 7 jun : loss all the profit

Irina Gulko
Irina Gulko 2018.06.06 21:49 

Best nigh scalper which I have used before with the high recovery factor. If compare with another midnight systems, EvoNightEA have a confirmed longterm perfomance. I am using system over 6 month and I sure I will use it at future!

5 stars for EvoNight! Thank's Ivan for great support! Hi is a professional developer with the high quality products!

Daniel1017 2018.06.06 15:26 

Very good and stable EA. Longterm perfomance for 5+! To get a good results, select a proper broker and follow Ivan's advices!

ework 2018.06.05 21:14 

I've been running this EA for quite a while and if I could turn back time, I would have NEVER spent 1 cent on this EA.

I've tried this EA with 2 different ECN brokers just to be sure, and on both I have WAY more losses than wins.

Just for the record, I've been using Ivan's set files for all 9 currencies, so I've done nothing outside the recommendations of the author and the results have been terrible.

I find it very very very very suspicious that it seems NO ONE has come even close to having the same results (or trades) as Ivan shows in myfxbook which leads me to think there is something very strange going on with these accounts. I have stopped trusting the results a while ago.

Clearly running the EA exactly as Ivan says, hasn't given anyone the same results.....

The customer service Ivan gives deserves less than 1 star, but I couldn't find out how to do this...so I'll leave it at one.

I'll be fair and continue running this EA for a few more weeks in order to give this EA a fair shot.

If the results improve, I will of course come back and modify my review....but I think this will not change.

UPDATE: Losses are far greater than the returns.

Less than one star if I could.....

Li Tang
Li Tang 2018.06.03 21:19 

So good, so far... Very good recovery factor. Stable longterm perfomance! Very good EA if you want a longterm profit. 5 Stars!

Martin Volk
Martin Volk 2018.05.29 23:31 

Excellent. 5 stars well deserved

Downgrading to 2 stars. Lost all profits I gained over months in 1 day. Stay away. That's not even the problem, what is really bad is deleting the signal and creating a new one after a big loss.

TITUS114 2018.05.29 22:31 

delete the signals and too much losses

PETER LUISI 2018.05.29 14:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

FANofM5 2018.05.18 16:25 

I have bought EA and using EvoNight seense it have been published - February 2017. Now I am using very big risks - Percent of balance 50. Longterm perfomance very good! EvoNight had losses before, but quickly covered it!

It's a main system in my portfolio, because just EvoNight have a stable longterm results. Very good results and profit. Great Ivan's support!

Here are results:


Katy Kan
Katy Kan 2018.05.18 03:19 

After 8 month I update my review. I am not worried about another comments and reviews. I have over 5 years experience at FX and I think, that Evo is a very good system. I have recommended this system and I will do it at future. Here are it's a system with the best longterm perfomance. 5 stars.

Evgenii Golovan
Evgenii Golovan 2018.05.09 12:50 


5ninefish 2018.05.09 02:28 

This review is mostly a re-post of my review for the MacMy EA, both of which I purchased and both have the same problem. This review is specifically for US residents who are considering this EA. This EA is well written and actually works great, except that it is basically unusable in its current form for USA users. The recommended ECN brokers are not available to US residents due to regulations, and alternative ECN brokers do not match with the required timzone (GMT +2). If this problem is remedied - ie. allow for adjustment of timezone to accommodate a wider ranger of brokers, then this EA is a very solid purchase. As it is, 2 stars for limited usability.

Morard Kevin
Morard Kevin 2018.05.06 13:34 

Bon Ea, des profits constent

Evgeny Yurchenko
Evgeny Yurchenko 2018.05.05 14:36 

Finally looks like I've found my holy grail of trading! I honestly think that this EA is the best on the market right now. It doesn't trade every night, but the profit rate is really high compared to other night scalpers. I don't know what's the algo inside but it really is fast in and fast out, almost always with the profit. A few things I'll recommend to those who try this one:

- Try other pais, not only the ones suggested by the author. In fact, I use it for 20 pairs and all is fine except AUDNZD maybe.

- Always go with the hard SL. I use 40 pips for all pairs. I don't know why Ivan didn't make it as default. Be careful of sudden bad news which can wipe out your account in mere seconds in case your mt4 went offline due to VPS failure or whatever and you SL is virtual.

bullish15 2018.04.23 22:11 

So far so good.

Gaw Kevin
Gaw Kevin 2018.04.17 11:40 

big loss

FrankN 2018.04.07 21:47 

Best night scalper i used until today. Very good results. Easy setup.

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2018.03.29 12:31 

signal Evonight

https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/411070 This signal replaces


Zhi Hu
Zhi Hu 2018.03.17 02:14 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Gregory Hay
Gregory Hay 2018.03.06 10:47 

good Ea.

good risk management (40pips)

solid performer.

Lim Chee Howe
Lim Chee Howe 2018.02.28 18:13 

Superb good EA with consistent profit and Ivan provides excellent support. Highly recommended for those search for profit EA.

Thanks Ivan for your hardwork.

Stay away from this EA. Lose all in one day.

Ariel Andreiu
Ariel Andreiu 2018.02.28 02:40 

Very good EA. So far the behavior is very good.

Testing for 4 months.

Sergey Sannikov
Sergey Sannikov 2018.02.22 09:35 

Отличный ночной советник.

Сам успешно отсекает не нужные сделки

Не требует оптимизации, можно поставить и забыть

Использую как для консервативной торговли (0,5-1,5% риск на сделку), так и для разгонов (10-30% риск на сделку)

использую на Альпари

Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2018.02.19 10:02 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Lin 2018.02.14 12:06 

The EA works perfect and Ivan provides excellent and immediate support

bearnakedbull 2018.02.08 15:51 

Same problem here. 4 stops since last week running on ICM with a VPS. Ouch, I got spanked! Not sure about this now. Troubling for me is why the vendor account on the same broker shows only a small set back.

danibarcelona 2018.01.28 16:31 

The EA went well for 1 month but last week I had full 4 Stop losses that made me lose all earnings and more.

The signal of the creator does not show those loses because aparently the signal is working with no stop loss at all (quite dangerous in my opinión). That0s why the signal is showing good results so far.

Moreover, we haven't received even a small explanation from the creator, so I don't know if those stop losses are "normal behaviour" or not. After asking the creator many times for an explanations ( you can check the comments) I have heard nothing from him.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this EA nowadays, unless the creator convinces me that this is normal behaviour. I have stopped the EA.

Wuhong Zhen
Wuhong Zhen 2018.01.19 12:57 


Donwanz 2018.01.18 02:58 

Very Good EA! Deserve the 5 star

Jie Yu
Jie Yu 2018.01.06 12:47 

If you want to buy this EA ,I suggest you be a few days later. This is the evaluation I can give about 1 months after buying

Mohamed Sanjania
Mohamed Sanjania 2018.01.03 22:06 

Great Expert, have forward tested for 2 months and have had good results. I have now moved to live account and see how all goes from here. Ivan seems to be a nice guy and understand the need of customer also, very quick to response. I will try the Macmy soon as well. I am now giving 2.2 a try on live account from Jan 2018.

geforcegtx 2018.01.03 14:24   

Also my EA doesn't trade, any suggestion?

mikekhod 2017.12.26 21:03 

keep up the good work. Good EA. Hopefully it will last for a long time. I had my freind buy it too. Test wiht brokers though as well. not super sensative but it does matter. Example. broker shoudl close market on friday 24:00 not 23:00, i saw two different results with two brokers in this case


80370093 2017.12.24 14:27   

Why does my EA do not trade

anta 2017.11.28 01:04 

So far so good! Will be updated here!

Spunki 2017.11.22 16:04 

Very good and stable results on live account since 2 months. Does trades on all currence pairs on most nights (except friday) with average 0,5% profits per day. Author Ivan is responsive and helpful.

Yuxi An
Yuxi An 2017.11.17 10:32   

我买了你的 EA 为什么没有贸易

Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia 2017.10.27 15:58 

EvoNight its an honest and winner night scalper, i was working whith them for 3 weeks in real account with ICMarkets Live 10, the results its 95% winner positions. like any other night scalper need to use an ECN account with low spred and fast execution. My recomentadtion its buy before increase the price, becouse its gonna happen, its a winner EA.

baribuh 2017.01.23 07:13   

Продукт вроде бы интересный. Но за 2 ночи ни одной сделки!

Version 6.3 2020.05.27
- Fully update EA;
Version 4.2 2019.01.26
- Symbol Limitation Filter;
- Updated infopanel;
Version 4.1 2018.12.26
New function:
Triple Swap Protection - Forbidden To trade at Negative Triple Swap day;
Version 4.0 2018.12.22
- Fully updated trading strategy: new entry conditions, additionsl filters;
- Reoptimized presets;
Version 3.1 2018.11.07
- Deleted Random mode;
Version 3.0 2018.06.26
- Bug fixes;
- Random Mechanism - instead of the fixed level of indicator values N, the system selects random values in the range from N to X. This solution helps reduce the accumulation of deals and the levels for closing them in a certain area, which incurs a reduction in slippage.
Version 2.4 2018.05.29
- Additional GMT zones;
- Virtual Take Profit.
Version 2.3 2018.03.02
- Added Virtual Stop Loss;
Version 2.2 2017.12.26
- Friday trading stop at 23:45;
- Switch on/off Hard Exit Filter;
- Pause after a Big Loss;
Version 2.1 2017.11.21
- New Time Filter: all trades will be closed after 02:00 (GMT+2);
Version 2.0 2017.09.20
- News filter;
- Reoptimized parameters;
Version 1.1 2017.04.14
- Bug fixes;
- News filter.