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Solid Scalper EA

Solid Scalper EA is a robot that acts overnight, at the close of Wall Street stock market.

The requirements for this robot are as follows

  1. Recommended 5-digit brokers;
  2. Recommended brokers ECN / STP;
  3. Choose a broker with a spread on EUR / USD lower than 20;
  4. The timeframe standards of this robot is of M5, but can also be used on timeframe M1, M15, M30.
  5. The robot is designed for use on the following pairs: EUR/CHF - EUR/CAD - USD/CAD - GBP/USD - EUR/USD - USD/CHF - GBP/CHF - GBP/CAD.


  1. Delta_Factor: This parameter is very important to open positions. The default value is 20 on a timeframe 5 minutes. The lower the timeframe, the greater must be the value of Delta_Factor. The higher the timeframe, the lower must be the value of Delta_Factor.
  2. TimeStart: The time when the robot begins to open positions;
  3. TimeStop: The time in which the robot stops open positions;
  4. TradingDay: Choose the days when the robot opened and closed positions;
  5. MaxSpread: Maximum Spread to open and close positions;
  6. SettingPosition: Choose the take profit, stop loss, the risk and if the broker is ECN;
  7. ExpertName: Choose the name of the robot;
  8. MagicNumber: Choose the magic number of robots. The magic number must be different if the robot is used simultaneously on multiple pairs;


Robots cannot be left free to work regardless of market conditions, but they always need human intervention. Unfortunately, I cannot insert an indicator of economic calendar because I turn to external sources. For this reason, I ask you to take my advice:

  1. Council a broker with very low spreads and commissions reasonable.
  2. Better to make the robot work with a VPS with a maximum latency of 5-6 ms.
  3. Hold off on the night between Thursday and Friday. To do this, simply set Thursday PM: False and Friday AM: False.
  4. Do not operate the robot when the market reopens in the night between Sunday and Monday. To do this, simply set MondayAM: False.
  5. Turn off when there are meetings FOMC. The meetings are held six times a year.
  6. Turn off when there are important news/events during the working hours of the robot.
  7. Withdraw the profit every time you reach the 100% gain. The failure of many traders, including myself, is to let all the capital raised in the account, with the hope that larger positions bring the biggest gains. But it is not so, because when you lose, you lose all the capital raised. So, better to withdraw the earnings each TOT percentage gain.

To monitor the performance of the robot, go to the page: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/joseph7888/seller

Follow the Comments tab or the signal page to know when to deactivate the robot.

For any further information, please contact me in private or on the Comments tab.

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