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WY Bishop MT4

Statistician expert. The statistics are generated based on the variation of the Stop loss and Take profit levels within the specified borders. Using the statistical data it applies a unique proprietary probabilistic method for finding entry points. Recommended period - M5.

MetaTrader 5 version


  • Operates using bars and not ticks, therefore, it is resistant to delays
  • Ability to adapt to any trading instrument
  • Excellent testing results for all major currency pairs, starting from 2000 to 2017.01.01
  • Ability to work on all currency pairs at the same uninterruptedly, as well as on a single pair.

Recommendations to maximize the efficiency

  • Minimum spreads
  • Account with a partner program (Rebate Service)

Input parameters

  • Use Interface - enable the interface
  • Мах Positions - maximum number of virtual orders in the memory
  • Max Seconds Market - analyzed chunk of market in seconds
  • High/Low Corridor Max/Min - maximum/minimum value of the upper/lower stop
  • High/Low Sector Grid Zones - divide the sector of the upper stops by the specified number in order to make the stop variants.
  • Max/Min Deals To One Variant - maximum/minimum number of virtual orders in a section
  • Deep - depth of analysis
  • Use Just Zero Profits Or Non Zero Profits Deep № - use only the section variants with 100% profits or, conversely, with depth №
  • Use Both Deep № - use both variants of sections with depth №
  • Invert Deep № - invert deep analysis mode with depth №
  • Use Zero Profits Deep № - use sections with unidirectional profits for deep mode with depth №
  • Use/Min/Max Profit Border Deep № - use/maximum/minimum profit of virtual trade in points with depth №
  • Deals To One Variant Deep № - section for deep analysis with depth №
  • Math Waiting Minus To Trade/Plus To Interupt Deep № - expected value for opening/interrupting series of trades of deep analysis with depth №
  • PFactor Deep № - minimum profitability factor of trades series for deep mode with depth №
  • Use Memory For Deep 2..3..4 - store parameters in a file for analysis depth greater than 1
  • Init Trading - enable trading
  • Friday Trade/Minute Delay Trade Before Close/Close In Time/Hour/Minute - trade on Friday/opening positions is allowed the specified number of minutes before the closure time/close by time/hour/minute
  • Grid Restart After Trade - toggle high-frequency mode
  • Init Buy/Sell Trades - allow buying/selling
  • Trade Just In Swap Direction/When No Orders - trade only in the direction of positive swaps/when there are no open orders
  • Close Control To Stops - enable closure by stops only
  • Use Modification And Defense Close - enable modification of orders opened in the signal direction and closure of orders opposite to the signal
  • Use Modify Delay - modifications only if necessary
  • Delay For Modify - minimum number of points from the nearest stop for modification
  • Use Emergency Close - use emergency closure
  • Emergency Close Max Position Seconds/Only Profit - maximum position duration in seconds/close only in profit (for emergency closure)
  • PFactor To Open Min/Max - minimum/maximum relative profit factor for opening a position [ 0.0 ... 1.0 ]
  • Grid Using Percent - minimum percentage of the used variants of the stops grid considered in calculation for opening a position
  • To Use Delay For Virtual Open In Minutes - use delay when opening virtual orders
  • Delay For Virtual Open In Minutes - delay in minutes for opening virtual orders
  • Use Fix Stop Loss - use fixed Stop Loss
  • Use Fix Take Profit - use fixed Take Profit
  • Stop Loss Points - fixed Stop Loss in points
  • Take Profit Points - fixed Take Profit in points
  • Slippage For Open/Close In Points - slippage in points for opening/closing orders
  • Lot (on disabled auto control) - lot if autolot is disabled
  • Lot Auto Control - enable autolot
  • Max Lose Percent - maximum loss percentage of the deposit per deal
  • Spread Control Init - enable spread value control
  • Max Spread - maximum allowed spread for opening a deal
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Version 1.3 2017.05.31
1. Removed everything superfluous.
2. DEEP3 and DEEP4 are now functioning normally.
3. Added the ability to control trading on Friday.
Version 1.2 2017.04.25
1. Added a mode that increases the frequency of deals.
2. High-frequency mode is set by default.
3. Improved the deep analysis mode. (increases the profit factor and expected value while decreasing the trade frequency)
Version 1.1 2017.03.14
1. Added the ability to trade only in the direction of positive swaps.
2. Added the ability to trade only when there are no open orders (for safe trading on multiple currency pairs simultaneously).
3. The best of the found sets has been applies as the basic parameters.