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Ferrari EA MT5

Ferrari EA boosts your trading career just like a real Ferrari sports car!

It uses simple and powerful breakout and fake breakout strategy to enter a trade at good levels.

"No" martingale, "No" scalping, "No" grid, "No" arbitrage.

The backtests (fixed lot size) show it can be profitable on many pairs and markets.

The Backtests are only for D1 timeframe, but you can use it on other timeframes and choose the good settings for yourself.

EA Parameters

  • Opposite_Trade - You can opposite the trade logic. Buy when sell conditions are met and vice versa.
  • Pending_Orders - If false, the EA will open market orders. if true, it will open pending orders.
  • Buy_BuyStop - Buy/Buystop is allowed.
  • Sell_SellStop - Sell/Sellstop is allowed.
  • Exclude_Weekend_D1 - If you use daily chart, weekend bars are not count for entry calculations.
  • Weekend_No_Trade - No trade on weekends.
  • InstantOrderEntrySlippage - Entry slippage for market orders.
  • InstantOrderCloseSlippage - Order closing slippage for market orders.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum number of pips as spread. If spread is higher, pending orders will be cancelled.
  • Commission - Commission is added to current spread and it would be checked against MaxSpread.

Order Parameters:

  • PriceOffset - Offset from price entry point.
  • Predefined_Sets - Predefined settings for 17 different pairs (D1).

Direction Filters:

  • Opposite_Direction_Filters - If true, direction filters will work opposite.
  • LongTerm_Direction - Trade allowed in long term direction of market.
  • ShortTerm_Direction - Trade allowed in short term direction of market.

Trend Filters:

  • Opposite_Trend_Filters - If true, trend filters will work opposite.
  • Resistance - If Resistance filter determines a trend, trade is allowed.
  • Channel - If Channel filter determines a trend, trade is allowed.
  • Range - If Range filter determines a trend, trade is allowed.
  • Volatility - If Volatility filter determines a trend, trade is allowed.

Stoploss and Takeprofit:

  • SL_TP_Type - 0 means Fixed SL and TP. 1 means ATR-based SL and TP.
  • Fixed_Stoploss - Fixed Stoploss pips.
  • Fixed_Takeprofit - Fixed Takeprofit pips.
  • ATR_Percent_SL - Stoploss based on a percentage of ATR indicator.
  • ATR_Percent_TP - Takeprofit based on a percentage of ATR indicator.
  • Minimum_ATR_SL - Minimum ATR-based SL.
  • Minimum_ATR_TP - Minimum ATR-based TP.

Breakeven and Trailing stop:

  • BE_TP_Type - 0 means Fixed breakeven. 1 means ATR-based breakeven.
  • Fixed_Breakeven - Fixed pip breakeven, 0 means no breakeven.
  • ATR_Percent_Breakeven - Breakeven based on a percentage of ATR indicator. 0 means no breakeven.
  • Trailing_Stop - If true, trades will have trailing stop enabled.
  • TrailingStart - After this number of pips, trailing stop will start.

Money Management:

  • Auto_Lot_Size - Automatically determines lot size based on SL.
  • RiskAmount - Risk percent for every trade based on account size.
  • Min_Lots - Minimum lots.
  • Max_Lots - Maximum lots.
  • TradeMicroLots - For brokers that don't allow micro lots.
  • Fixed_Lot_Size - Manual lot size.

Friday Order Close:

  • Auto_GMT_Offset - Automatic GMT offset for closing the trades on Friday.
  • GMTOffset - Manual GMT offset.
  • FridayClose - If true, open trades will close at the specified time and pending orders will be cancelled.
  • Friday_Hour - Hour to close trades on Friday (24 hour format)
  • Friday_Minute - Minutes of order closure.
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