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Binary Bridge API for MT4 Free version

Binary Bridge API for MetaTrader is a utility to copy binary options signals from MetaTrader and export those signals to other platforms.

Binary Bridge API can be used to copy signals from MetaTrader and copy these signals with a Binary Options Web Broker.

You can copy signals that are generated in MetaTrader:

  • manually
  • with an EA

The edge of Binary Bridge API is that you can copy signals from an EA without having the source code of the EA (mq4 file).

As soon as a new binary options trade is placed with MT4 the Binary Bridge API will generate a signal and export it.

Binary Bridge API can connect with a large variety of software using various communications mode:

  • Signal as object in the MetaTrader chart: SIGNAL=CALL|EURUSUD|60SEC|25 (for instance)
  • Signal as global variable: IIBA_CALL|EURUSUD|60SEC|25 (for instance)
  • Signal send as URL: (for instance)

Binary Bridge API can use custom URL to connect to almost any software receiving signals as web requests.

Users can trade Forex and Binary Options in the same MetaTrader account. Binary Bridge API will only copy Binary Options signals.

Main inputs of the Binary Bridge API EA are:

  • CopyMode: destination of signals (CopyLocal with global variable, CopyCustom with a custom web request)
  • MoneyMode: mode to be used to transmit money as a numeric value (50 for instance) or as a level (M0, M1, M2, M3, M4)
  • CopyNewTrades (true/false): if set to false Binary Bridge API will be inactive and will not copy new trades
  • MoneyMultiplier: to multiply lot size of the platform and generate amount to be used to export signal
  • CustomURL: url to be used to export signal to application using web requests to receive signals
  • M0, M1, M2, M3, M4: money levels to convert money amount of MetaTrader into a money levels (some software use money levels rather that money amount)
  • ServerZone: GMT zone used by the MetaTrader broker (3.0 means GMT+3 for instance)

Autotrading must be set to ON in MetaTrader so that the Binary Bridge API will process new signals.

You must accept URL if you want to send signals as web requests (Use menu of MetaTrader: Tools >> Options >> Expert Advisors

Binary Bridge API can process market orders OP_BUY (CALL) and OP_SELL (PUT).

Binary Bridge API can be used with most brokers accepting Binary Options.

Assets that can be used with Binary Bridge API use suffix like bo, .bo, _OP (EURUSDbo, EURUSD.bo, EURUSD_OP for instance).


  • Binary Bridge API EA should only be placed in one chart of your MetaTrader platform. You can use any time frame to have the EA working (for instance EURUSD H1).
  • This free version works exactly as the complete version except that trades will only be copied with 1 USD (as money amount).
  • Full version is available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18791
  • We provide application to test API (please read comments section)
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