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This piece of software called TradePadMini may make your manual trading process much more convenient. This is the smaller version of the TradePad trade panel. In terms of functionality, both are same but TradePadMini will take less space on your computer screen. This tool can do the following by clicking on the appropriate buttons and adjusting the text box values in the graphic user interface (GUI).

  • Market BUY/SELL with Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • BUY LIMIT/SELL LIMIT/BUY STOP/SELL STOP with Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Close all orders
  • Delete all pending orders
  • Close all orders which are currently in profit
  • Reverse the position of current orders except the pending orders
  • Automatically move the Stop Loss to the Open Price after reaching a particular level of profit
  • Trailing stop
  • Monitor the profit/loss
  • Monitor the total positions size
  • Monitor the margin level


For detailed description of the function of the buttons and text boxes in this tool, please refer to the slides given below.

This tool is basically an Expert Advisor (EA) and hence make sure that Auto trading is enabled (Ctrl+E) while using this tool.


To backtest this tool, download the demo version and run in Strategy Tester while visual mode is enabled. Then, test the functionality of the buttons by clicking on them.


  • Xreference: x coordinate of the top-left corner of the TradePadMini in the chart window in terms of pixels. Top-left corner of the chart window is the origin (0,0).
  • Yreference: y coordinate of the top-left corner of the TradePadMini in the chart window in terms of pixels. To change the position of the TradePad on the chart window, adjust the values of Xreference and Yreference.
  • slippageInPoints: maximum slippage for the orders.
  • MagicNumber: magic number for the orders.
Arkadiusz Czarnecki
Arkadiusz Czarnecki 2017.02.28 20:16 

I would recommend. A very good tool, a lot of interesting features,. It has a few minor flaws, but they are acceptable

pnutfx503 2017.02.06 18:36 

Cuts trades off for no reason. And many more problems save your money this will make you miss out and lose some if you buy it.

rdinesan 2017.01.12 16:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating