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The Expert Advisor is based on Martingale principle combined with a grid system. It uses Bollinger Bands as entry logic for the trades. As soon as the price is hitting the Bands, a market order is placed. A take profit and a grid distance can be calculated dynamically (with ATR). The grid system reduces the breakeven price. Sells and buys are handled independently. For low risk settings, a stop loss can be used.

The most important parameters are the Minimum Grid and MartMulti. The initial parameters are tested on EURUSD H1. The EA only buys/sells on new candles.

Feel free to contact me with further questions/wishes.


  • OrderComment: Add a custom order comment
  • TP in $: Take profit in €/$ (not pips etc.)
  • Max Loss in $: (0=off): Maximal loss in €/$. Orders will be closed when reached
  • MagicNumber: Add a custom magic number
  • EntryLogic: Choose the entry logic to start a trade
  • Init. Lots: Initial lots for a trade
  • Minimum Grid in Points: Minium distance in points between two martingale steps
  • MaxGrid(0=off): Limit the maximum grid. If dynamic grid or GridMulti is used, the grid can be reduced by this parameter
  • GridMulti: Increase the grid distance with increased orders. If Gridmulti=2 and minimum grid is set to 200, the following grid would be used: 200, 400, 800…
  • MartMulti: Martingale multiplicator for the order size
  • useDYNAMICPROFIT: Use dynamic profit calculation based on ADR. Only make sense in combination with useDYNAMICGRID.
  • ReferenceProfitPoints: If useDYNAMICPROFIT=true, a TP is calculated as follows: current grid/ReferenceProfitPoints * TP in €
  • useDYNAMICGRID: Use a dynamic grid based an ADR
  • ADRFactor: Factor to adjust an ADR range
  • Max Martingale Steps: Maximum allowed martingale steps
  • TrailingEntry (Points): Trailing distance for an entry
  • TrailingExit (Points): Trailing distance for an exit
  • OpenNewPositions: Open new orders
  • SeperateBuySell: Treat Buy and Sell independently (Buy and Sell can occur at the same time)
  • AllowBuy: Allow buy trades
  • AllowSell: Allow sell trades
  • StartHourGMT: Start hour each day
  • StartMin: Start minute
  • StopHourGMT: Stop hour each day
  • StopMin: Stop minute
  • GridOutsideTimeFilter: Orders for the grid will also be taken outside of the time filter
  • EntryOnTick: If TRUE, the entry will be on tick (makes only sense with Bollinger entry logic. The grid is always on new candles only)
  • TradeFriday: Allow trading on Friday
  • TradeStopBegin: Program a custom no-trading period (i.e. holidays, news…)
  • TradeStopEnd: Program a custom no-trading period (i.e. holidays, news…)
  • AppliedPrice: Applied price to the EntryLogics
  • Bandsperiod: Period of Bollinger Bands
  • BandsDeviation: Deviation of Bollinger Bands
  • Slippage in Points: Slippage
  • StartOrderLevel to increase TP: If a certain Martingale level is reached, a TP will be increased
  • Increase of TP in % per Step: Increase of TP per step. Example: if StartOrderLevel to increase = 5 and increase of TP in % per Step is set to 20, then the TP is increased every step higher than 5 by 20%. So if the Martingale Level will reach 7, the TP is increased by 40%
  • EquityCloseLevel: Close all orders if this equity is reached
  • AdvancedGrid: Use the same condition (EntryLogic) to open a new grid trade
  • CCIFilter: In development
  • Double First Lot and TP: Double the TP and Lot of the first order
Teodor Nikolov
2018.02.13 13:29 

I purchesed this EA about 10 mount ago. I have been playng live about 7 mount very good results. Alex is giving great suport. To evreone who is using this EA on live i am ready to excheng settings(Payr for Payr) if you have tests at least 7 years back withh 99.90% right to me, most of my setings are 1H chart.

2017.03.04 00:29 

I purchased this EA and in testing now. I've used the SET file provided by EA Developer. I'm running on EURUSD @ 1HR TF. I've also created a set file on my own that gave some pretty impressive backtest #, so I'm testing that as well.


3/3/2017 UPDATE:

As of now, no positions have opened yet.

Will update when they open.




I have 3 settings running on EURUSD right now.

1. 1 Minute Setting (CUSTOM)

2. 1 Hour Setting (DEVELOPER E-MAILED)

3. 1 Hour Setting (CUSTOM)

Developer Setting has opened 4 Trades in 3 days.

1H Custom opened 0 trades in 3 days

1M Custom oepend 4 trades in 3 days.

All in all, for a mechanism that works based off of Boilinger Bands, why does this open trades once in a while?

Version 2.10 - 2017.03.07
Removed a bug, added Strengthfilter