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Sound Notification

Sound Notification is a utility with audio notifications about account events, such as opening and closing orders, as well as status of the equity - positive or negative.

It is also possible to send notifications to email, mobile device or as a pop-up message in the terminal.

Utility notifies about the following events

  1. Opening a new order. Be it opened manually or by a triggered pending order.
  2. Closing order with a profit.
  3. Closing order with a loss.
  4. Closing all orders.
  5. Equity becoming positive.
  6. Equity becoming negative.

Note: All notifications are sent for the currency pair of the chart the utility is attached to.

  • If you have open orders on multiple currency pairs (for example, EURUSD and USDJPY) and you closed all orders on the EURUSD pair, while there are orders left open on the USDJPY pair, the utility will inform that all orders on the EURUSD pair have been closed.
  • The same applies to the messages about positive or negative equity. The message about equity transition into positive or negative state is calculated based on the total profit of all order of the one currency pair of the chart the utility is attached to. This is done for those fond of averaging.


The settings are divided into groups. Each notification type has such options as:

  • Sound "Name" - Enable/Disable sound alert. True (Enabled) / False (Disabled).
  • Push Notification - Enable/Disable Push- notifications to mobile device via the MetaQuotes system.
  • Alert Notification - Enable/Disable Pop-up messages in the terminal.
  • Mail Notification - Enable/Disable Email messages.
  • Sound File Name - name of the audio file (Only the *.wav format is supported).
Separate parameter for notifications about the equity status:
  • Interval of Equity Status (in seconds) - Interval for triggering the message about changes in the equity status from positive to negative and vice versa. The time is specified in seconds, the minimum value is 20 seconds.

From Author

Sometimes it is necessary to do other thing in parallel with trading, and there is no time to be monitoring the charts all the time. This is where the utility with sound notifications comes in! In general, all utilities with the similar purpose only send pop-up, email or mobile messages, but with no sounds. Unable to find a fitting product, I had decided to create my own. I used to tediously check charts every minute, I could not sleep at nights and waited for the price to reach take profit. But now, everything is much easier. All the relevant events are signaled by audio alerts. Logical and intuitive sounds have been picked for every event, so that you would be able to know the situation on the market without even looking at it.

If you like the utility or if you have suggestions or ideas on how to improve it, feel free to contact me via the private messages. :)
Remember, all updates for purchased products are free of charge.
2018.01.19 08:34 

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