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The Fact EA

Most Safe Martingale Strategy for all major and cross pairs.

For using this EA you need an account with $10000 or $1000 Cent account or $100 nano account

We Recommend to run the EA on 3-4 Pairs at the same time with the settings that we will post on reviews.

We will add live account statements here for you to check out the performance too.

Just please be up to date from our MQL5 page for optimized settings for different pairs.

The EA trading signals is based on Stox indicator that is shared on reviews section and everyone can download it. The indicator helps us to detect the Over Sold and Over Buy points on the chart and we are using it for getting signals.

Here is also the forward test results of the EA:


This EA Works on M1 timeframe and optimized settings will be shared on reviews section too.

Here are the EA Parameters Explanations:

  1. TrailStart: the level for start trailing the profit Orders
  2. TrailStop: Distance for setting the SL for trailing mode
  3. LotExponent: Increase factor for lots in martingale rules
  4. MoneyManagement: setting the money management on or off
  5. Risk: Risk Percent for single money management
  6. Risk_Setting_According_to_Time: setting money management according to time settings on or off
  7. StartHour1: Start hour for section 1
  8. EndtHour1: End hour for section 1
  9. Risk1: Risk Percent for section 1
  10. StartHour2: Start hour for section 2
  11. EndtHour2: End hour for section 2
  12. Risk2: Risk Percent for section 1
  13. Lots: Start lots for the time that money management is off
  14. lotdecimal: lot Decimal (0,1,2)
  15. Pip_Value: Cost of each pip for the pair
  16. TakeProfit: take profit for the orders
  17. PipStep: distance between the orders
  18. MagicNumber: Magic number of the orders
  19. Slip: max slippage allowed for orders (on instant order execution type )
  20. Retry: if the EA was not able to modify an Order, it will allow the EA to try it again
  21. Retry_Count: number of tries for modifying orders
  22. Trade_On_Friday: disables the EA on Fridays
  23. Friday_Close_Hour: the hour that EA will stop getting signal for new trades
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