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MTF Basic Forex Robot

This version is my other product BASIC version!

This version will give pre-optimized SET files, I uploaded those! But you have to optimize different traded pairs and timeframe!

My Expert Advisor is use "Open price only" trading method. So if you would like optimize, than you can use "Open prices only" method! That will be very fast! And if you check with "Every tick" model performance will be same!

You can see my FULL version here (the version contains the basic modes too): https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18996

Its operation is based on medium-term trend following and scalping strategy. It examines the strength and direction of the trend using several basic indicators, in a smaller and larger time span. After identifying the trend, it analyses the overbought and oversold state of the given currency pair. This version is use only 1 position/pair.

It is very important, that it is not based on a 100% winning strategy!

If necessary, positions are closed at a loss. For managing risk and profit, I use a numerical and indicator-based “StopLoss” and “TakeProfit” function. The indicator parameters have been incorporated into the program. For optimization, I used historic data from a large time interval, from 1999 to present. It was also tested with data of 90%-99.9% accuracy.

  • not use martingale
  • not use arbitrage
  • not use grid strategy
  • not use averaging method


  • I optimized to M15 Chart Period
  • fast and low cost ECN account
  • low spread - the “spread” value used in the optimization was 7-15 point
  • a stable VPS
  • minimum deposit $100/traded pair
  • lot size = 0.01
  • need optimization or use my uploaded SET files!

Input parameters

  • ConvertCurrMM = 0.00 - if the program is running on an account in a currency other than USD, in case of “MMRisk” you can set the conversion rate. In case of a fixed lot, leave it empty.
  • Suffix = - if your broker use symbol suffix, please fill into this field. (example: EURUSD.e, you need to type .e into this field; EURUSD.pro you need to use .pro etc.)
  • MAGICSELL = 1 - SELL order MAGIC number. (if you use other Robot in same major pair, than you need to use different MAGIC number)
  • MAGICBUY = 2 - BUY order MAGIC number. (if you use other Robot in same major pair, than you need to use different MAGIC number)
  • MaxSpread = 30 - you can control the maximum Spread.
  • Slippage = 3 - you can control the maximum Slippage.
  • FiveDigitBroker = true – default is 5 digit broker "true". If you running on 4 digit broker please modify to “false”".
  • Fixlot = 0.01 - if “MMRisk=0.0”, you can use a fixed lot size.
  • MMRisk = 0.0 - automatic lots multiplier. Always use strategy testing to check the amount of risk that is acceptable for you!The calculated “lot” size is displayed on the info panel.


  • STOCHTREND = 200 - long term Stochastic indicator period.
  • MALONGTREND = 100 - Moving Average indicator period.
  • ADX = 10 - Average Directional Movement Index indicator period.

"----- STEP INTO THE MARKET -----"

  • RSISTEPIN = 6 - RSI indicator period.
  • MASTEPIN = 10 - Moving Average period.
  • STOCHSTEPIN = 5 - Stochastic indicator period.

"----- CLOSE ORDERS -----"

  • RSICLOSEPERIOD = 6 - RSI period.

"----- StopLoss, TakeProfit section -----"

  • Defaultsluse = true - you can choice. You can use default stop loss or you can use different with your own idea. "true" is default. If you would like to use different SL and TP please modify to "false". In every mode my EA is use indicator stop loss. If you type into every field 0, then EA is close orders only with basic indicator.
  • BuyStoploss = 0 - BUY order stop loss.
  • BuyTakeprofit = 0 - BUY order take profit.
  • SellStoploss = 0 - SELL order stop loss.
  • SellTakeprofit = 0 - SELL order take profit.
Anton Valladares Poncela
2017.02.14 08:58 

Very profitable EA longterm and optimises very well. Gabor was EXTREMELY helpful in helping me with some doubts I had after purchase. Great EA and even better seller! :)