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The IRON is an Expert Advisor with an iron will

It is based on a standard Parabolic SAR trend indicator and also provides manual trading.

The robot actions are very simple, opens a trade and maintains it. If the trade reaches the planned profit, the order is closed. Otherwise, when the loss level is reached, an opposite order is opened with doubled lot size, later on the EA maintains the new order in the same way. Using the built-in algorithms for risk management allows to adjust both the sum the robot is to manage, and the lot size. It is also possible to automatically adjust the take profit into the positive area. The main advantage of this robot, as any other Expert Advisor, is the absence of emotion. The robot will withstand any depression and will get things done.


  • MinLots - minimum lot per trade. The value (0) allows to set the minimum lot automatically.
  • MaxLots - maximum lot per trade. The value (0) allows to set the maximum lot automatically.
  • Risk - risk percentage based on allocated money. This value determines the lot size. The value (0) disables the automatic calculation.
  • Money_Percent - percentage of the money to calculate the risks. The value (0) disables the automatic calculation.
  • Magic - magic number to identify the orders of the EA.
  • Slippage - expected slippage.
  • EnableTrade - allow automatic trading. The EA uses the standard Parabolic SAR for opening positions.
  • TakeProfit - desired profit in points.
  • TrailingStep - the number of profit points above the desired to automatically increase the TakeProfit level. The (0) value disables this function.
  • Step - loss level at which the opposite orders are opened. The level is set in money amount per MinLots.
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of orders opened in the series.


This EA can be used as a accompaniment to your Expert Advisor, for example:

Your EA opens a trade, and the IRON maintains it until the required profit and eliminates losses, if necessary.

For the IRON to see the trades of your EA, they must have the same magic numbers and currency pair.

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