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Money Manager Indicator

Money Manager is an exclusive panel to process all calculations related to position sizing and risk management.

Position sizing is one of the most important aspect in trading. It is often neglected by traders and this is a big mistake.

Traders often look for strategies with high win rates whereas in fact one can earn very good money in the market with only 40% to 50% winning rate.

How is that possible to earn money with such a low winning rate ? The answer is position sizing and risk management.

Position sizing calculation is often complicated and boring task.

Now with the Money Manager things become easy and simple.

Money manager is a user friendly panel that will process all calculations with few inputs.

Inputs of the panel are:

  • Entry price
  • Stop loss
  • Risk in USD
  • Reward Risk

Outputs of the panel are:

  • Lot size
  • Take profit

Panel offers semi automated inputs:

  • Entry price: manual input / chart price
  • Stop loss: manual input / distance in points / distance in pips
  • Risk: risk in currency / risk % of balance / risk % of equity
  • Take profit: Reward Risk ratio (in comparison to stop loss) / Distance in points / Distance in pips

After calculation of lot size and take profit, software also display checks with size of trade in USD and profit in USD

The panel can be placed wherever you want in your main chart and can also be minimized.

A second version of the Money Manager comes as an Expert Advisor that can be used to send orders to broker platform with your customized trade settings: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/19969

The Money Manager can be used with any class of assets: Forex, Equities, Commodities, Futures.

The Money Manager can be used with any time frame.

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