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Manado Scalper

Manado Scalper is a combination of Averaging, Hedging, and Martingale strategy.

Buy and Sell every 10 pips (default setting) with customized Target Profit. Trading range is limited by parameter.

If price is out of trading range area, Martingale strategy will be activated.

It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with high quality. The Expert Advisor has successfully passed the stress test with slippage approximate to the real market conditions.

This EA can run on several instruments simultaneously.

This EA is recommended for cent accounts.

Real account monitoring


Working currency pair/timeframe: EURUSD M1, AUDUSD M1, GBPUSD M1, USDJPY M1, USDCAD M1, USDCHF M1.


  • Lots — fixed volume of a position;
  • TP — TakeProfit (pips);
  • Range — Trading Limit (If highest OP - lowest OP > Range, Martingale will be activated);
  • RangeSlip — Hedging Open Position Tolerance. Range - RangeSlip is your trading range.
  • Level — Open Position level, if price modulus level = 0. EA will open position.
  • Mode— Buy only, Sell only, Both;
  • IsUseTarget— if true, EA will close all open positions if target is achieved;
  • TargetEquity— Target Equity. if target equity is achieved, EA will close all open positions;
  • MartingalePips — Martingale range pips;
  • MartingaleTakeProfitPips — Martingale take profit target, close all when achieved;
  • MartingaleFirstLotMultipler — Martingale First Lot Multiplier;
  • MartingaleLotMultipler — Martingale Lot Multiplier;
  • FirstTargetPips — First Target Pips;
  • FirstLockPips — First Lock Profit Pips;
  • NextTargetPips — Next Target Pips;
  • NextLockPips — Next Lock Profit Pips;
  • MagicNumber — Unique number of positions opened by the EA;
  • Slip — Allowed Slippage (instant execution only);
  • ClearAll— if true, EA will close all open positions;
  • IsStartNewSession — if true, EA will start open position;


  1. Before using on a live account, test the EA with minimal risk;
  2. Use VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker's server;
  3. Low spreads = low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade.
  4. Multirebate account.
  5. Cent account
  6. Market Execution
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Haythemislem 2019.12.31 07:31 

It's a scam .. i lose my money

boni0205 2019.12.10 12:49   

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Ahmed Sarıkaya
Ahmed Sarıkaya 2019.09.26 13:26   

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