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Andromeda galaxy


The Expert Advisor is based on a neural network.

The EA determines the most common patterns.
It trades using a grid of orders and closing some of the orders through averaging.

Features and Operation Principles

  1. The EA uses a kind of a martingale principle. It increases the volume of each subsequent order by a value equal to the total number of open orders.
  2. The EA can have multiple open orders. The EA decides when to open orders, but the distance between two orders cannot be less than the value of the step parameter (set in input parameters).
  3. Orders are closed by averaging when the total amount of all positive orders exceeds the most losing order.
  4. The EA uses its owl virtual Stop_Loss and Take_Profit. You can also additionally use normal Stop_Loss and Take_Profit.
  5. The EA operation is not sensitive to Swap, Spread. You can optionally use VPS. Delay does not affect EA's operation.
  6. The EA is very easy to use.

Preparing for Trade and Training

The EA needs training. Necessary stages:

  1. Check Optimization.
  2. In order to speed up the training prices, select Model: Open prices only, Timeframes: M1.
  3. Configuring input parameters. Expert properties: set upgrade = true. Check test. Set start=1, step=1, stop=10.
  4. Start optimization. Click Start.

Thorough testing has shown that the effectiveness of patterns is valid for about 1-2 months. It is desirable to train the EA at the end of each month over a period of 2-3 years.


  1. The training process can be applied to any symbol. The EA uses Global Variables. Before training on a new symbol press F3 and delete created global variables.
  2. It is recommended to run the EA on a separate trading account.
  3. Once you have trained the RA, set upgrade = false. Now the Expert Advisor will only work with the created patterns.


  1. Lot - the volume of market orders. Recommended value Lot=0.01;
  2. Max_Lot - maximum allowable volume of orders. Recommended value Max_Lot =0.5;
  3. step - minimum distance between two orders. Recommended value step = 0.0005;
  4. Profit - the desired profit in the deposit currency to be locked upon closure of a series of orders; Recommended value Profit = 6;
  5. Take Profit. Recommended value Take Profit=0.5;
  6. Stop Loss. Recommended value Stop Loss =0.5;
  7. test - this parameter is required for the EA training. Recommended value test=1;
  8. upgrade - true is used for Expert Advisor training. When set to false, training is disabled, patterns will not be updated.

Below are testing results with the recommended inputs.

2017.01.26 12:41 

another BT wonder that fails miserably in FT, thanks Dimitry

i tested on several PCs, VPS with different brokers Alpari, Tickmill, etc and all were failing in Live Demo

this is another crap from Dimitry