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PeregrimEA is a unique and fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping at the end of the American and start of Pacific trading sessions when major market players close their positions and a short-term trend reversal occurs. PeregrimEA features a set of unique filters based both on technical indicators and price behavior factors.

Unlike other EAs, PeregrimEA:

  • does not use "toxic" trading methods (martingale, averaging, etc.);
  • uses fixed Stop Loss orders protecting your funds;
  • flexible Money Management settings allowing you to select both a fixed lot size and the one depending on your deposit.

PeregrimEA meant for М15 and optimized for the following symbols:


All settings for PeregrimEA are inside - just select a currency pair from the list!

Basic robot settings are meant for GMT+2 brokers! If your broker has a different time zone, make appropriate changes in the settings.

For reaching the best results, use ECN accounts with a low spread!

Please examine the PeregrimEA tests with 99% simulation quality on tick quotes since January 2012, so that you can be sure of its results over a long period of time!


  • Comment – trade comment;
  • Symbol Presets - select the preset for the currency pair;
  • Maximum allowed Spread - maximum allowed spread for trading;
  • Slippage – slippage in points;
  • Magic Number – unique number for opened trades;
  • Monday's Opening Trade - TRUE - enable trading at the opening of the market on Monday;
  • Friday's Closing Trade - TRUE - enable trading at the closing of the market on Friday;
  • Time Zone - GMT Time Zone of broker's server;
  • MM Type - Money management Rules:
  • Fixed Lot - Fixed lot;
  • Percent of Loss - Percent of loss from balance per order;
  • Percent of Balance - Percent of balance.
2017.02.20 23:04 

One of the best EA at the Market! Perfect live results:


2017.02.08 12:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.02.08 12:38 

Very good results in real trading with this EA. What I really like about it is the fact that it uses a strict stop loss order, so this is not a martigale EA. Your risk is always limited. Automatic lot sizing feature also helps to limit the risk. The trading results are very good so far, let's see how it performs in the 6 month run. Entries are very precise and I like the exits. Owner is very helpful to explain how to use the EA and even helped me to choose the right broker for the bot.

2017.02.06 14:26 

In backtest looks crazy good in real life is really really bad. Do not buy this waste of time and money.

2017.01.26 15:17 

backtests are very promissing, hope that real account results will be smilar :)

*Stars rating will by updated after one month of using

Update #1: Very good support from developer (set files delivered). Temporary I give 4 stars for very good backtest results on my accounts and first days with real account made profit. If it will be continued longterm I will change it to full 5 Stars rewiev.

Update #2: live accounts results - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/19600#!tab=comments&page=2&comment=3975701

update #3: 5 stars, it's worth to trade with this EA!

Jozef Vasko
2017.01.24 13:59 

while excellent results ...

Version 2.1 - 2017.02.15
- New calculation principle of the Breakeven;
- Changes in filters for closing deals;
- Ability to disable trading trade on Friday / Monday.
Version 2.0 - 2017.01.26
Absolutely new and improved logic for opening trades;
New user interface;
Increased the number of trades;
New trading instruments.
Version 1.3 - 2017.01.12
- Bug fixes;
- Program code optimization;
- New filters for opening / closing deals.
Version 1.2 - 2016.12.30
- Bug fixes;
- Additional filtering of signals for opening deals;
- New Money Management system: fixed lot, percent of loss and percent of balance;
- New filter for closing deals.