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This robot is versatile. Opens trade in the direction of price movement and instead a stoploss prepare a hedge pending order with a larger volume. The thus progresses until such time when reaches the desired a financial profit. At first trade can use the TrailingSL. The robot can be used to break any price range, for example, at the end of the Asian session or the London session, or the publication of reports, or the whole day. The robot can trade any market and any time frame.


  • StartTrading - start trading in format HH:MM or HH
  • EndtTrading - end trading in format HH:MM or HH (For trading of whole day you set StartTrading and EndTrading on 0 to 0)
  • UseCloseTime – trades close in time
  • CloseTime - time closing trades in format HH:MM or HH
  • StartLot - the volume of first trade
  • LotMultiplier - multiplier of a volume of next trades
  • MaxLot - maximum volume size
  • StartDistance - distance of the first trade from the starting price
  • Range - Distance of opposite hedge orders
  • AllCloseProfit - All trades close in this profit
  • AllCloseLoss - All trades close in this loss
  • UseTrailingSL – use TrailingSL
  • TrailingSL_Start - TrailingSL start in this profit in points
  • TrailingSL – distance of TrailingSL
  • TrailingSL_Step - the step of moving TrailingSL
  • Magic - Identification number of this EA
  • comment – a comment for trades
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