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We are happy to present the FixOrders tool. The most important part of trading is EXIT, whether you exit with a profit or with a loss. This tool will help you any time to lock in profit of your open trades without your participation. The tool does not use any indicators and can work on any timeframe and any symbol (EURUSD, GBPUSD etc.) Once you open an order, set the utility to any desired timeframe.


  • Size_Close_Orders - the profit percent of the total amount of an open order to close.
  • Close_Profit_Pips - the distance from the order open price in the number of points to fix part of profit. For example, if the parameter is set to 50, and you have opened a Sell order at 1.24803, the partial profit will be closed at the price of 1.24753)
  • StopLoss_Moving_breakeven - true/false, means moving Stop Loss to breakeven after partial profit closure.
  • Filter_Tikets - specify the ticket of the order that you want to track for partial or full closure. В этом поле надо указать номер Вашего ордера.

Feel free to contact us if you have any new ideas or suggestions.

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