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The "MowerEurchf" automatic trading system is the most efficient on flat markets because it uses price retracements. The trading is mainly performed by short-term trades, when the price moves within a channel. In case of a trend movement, the EA opens averaging deals with lot step which is calculated depending on the distance passed by the price. The algorithm provides opening of a locking deal when there is a drawdown. The EA is configured for working on the EUR/CHF currency pair, where the flat is often observed.


  • large number of trades (more than 100 per month);
  • usage of locking trades;
  • possibility to gain rebates;
  • low price of the program.


  • currency pair: EUR/CHF;
  • timeframe: М15;
  • minimum deposit - $1000 or $10 on a cent account;
  • ECN account;
  • five-digit quotes;
  • low spread (not more than 3.0 points).

Input parameters

  • maxspread - maximum spread for a trade opening;
  • opensecondserie - enable/disable the second serie of deals opened by the same strategy, but in the opposite direction;
  • hedgeprotection - enable/disable opening pending orders in both directions for preventing losses in case of a sudden one-way price movement;
  • locking - enable/disable opening the locking trade in case of a prolonged trend, if the drawdown reaches 50% of the deposit;
  • equitypercentforlock - the percentage of free margin to open a locking trade in case of drawdown (optimized value - 50%)
  • locklotpercent - the percentage of sum of the deals' lots opened in the same direction for calculating lot size for the locking trade (optimized value - 10%)
  • closebyrsi - enable/disable closing positions based on the RSI indicator;
  • closebystoch - enable/disable closing positions based on the Stochastic indicator;
  • closebycci - enable/disable closing positions based on the CCI indicator;
  • startlot - lot of the initial trade;
  • magicnumber - magic number;
  • comment - custom comment.

Recommendations on usage

  • Lot calculation: 0.01 lot per $1000.
  • It is recommended to use VPS with low latency to broker's server.

Using the martingale principle may cause drawdown to increase above 30% of the account balance when there is a prolonged trend without price retracements. In this case, the locking trade is used, which can be configured by testing the EA on a demo account. Trends are not everlasting.

Charles Mady
2016.12.12 10:46 

Excellent EA, one of the few that works well in quiet markets.

Version 2.21 - 2016.12.26
Fixed the error with insufficient margin for pending orders;
Version 2.20 - 2016.12.19
Errors were fixed;
Maxspread parameter was opened.