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Djinn EA is a fully automated trading robot.

Djinn expert system analyzes situation on the market and opens positions in a trend direction.

The EA is optimized for GBPUSD pair. When used on H1 chart it is prepared to gain profit in long-term period.

Recommended charts are M1 and H1.


  • Lot - volume of the opened position
  • MaxTrades - maximum number of opened buy or sell trades
  • Maxspread - maximum allowed spread
  • Global_TakeProfit - set to True if you want to automatically close orders when TakeProfit is reached, if set to False you have to close trades manually
  • Global_TakeProfit _Value - closing orders when TakeProfit value is reached
  • Global_StopLoss - activate automatic closing orders to cut losses
  • Global_StopLoss_Value - closing orders when StopLoss value is reached
  • TakeProfit - take profit for each trade ON/OFF
  • TakeProfit_Value - take profit value for each trade in points
  • StopLoss - stop loss for each trade ON/OFF
  • StopLoss_Value - stop loss value for each trade in points
  • Magic - set your magic number
  • StartHour1 - decide when to start trading
  • EndHour1 - decide when to stop trading
  • StartHour2 - decide when to start trading
  • EndHour2 - decide when to stop trading

Suggested settings:

M1 chart - Maxtrades=1

H1 chart - Maxtrades=5

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