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The utility (expert) is designed for monitoring and controlling the total drawdown, as well as closing all positions after reaching the specified levels with the ability to disable the operation of the automatic experts running in the same terminal.

  • It is capable of tracking the status of the entire account, as well as individual pairs.
  • It works with the positions opened manually or by other automatic experts.
  • It tracks the open trades in real time mode and the previously closed trades that had been performed after the start of monitoring.
  • It can control the absolute and relative drawdown.
  • It can send a notification when reaching the specified drawdown and profit levels.

Positions are closed according to the following algorithm:

  1. delete all automatic experts from the monitored pairs.
  2. close all orders.
  3. send notifications
  4. switch to standby mode until the next activation.

Input parameters

  • Stop Level - stop loss level.
  • Take Level - take profit level, or 0 if the total TP is not used.
  • Unit - units of level measurement (percentage or the deposit currency).
  • Drawdown type - type of the monitored drawdown (relative or absolute).
  • What pairs need to control - monitoring mode (All - monitor all pairs, From the input list - only the ones present in the list below).
  • List of controlled pairs (exact name) - list of the monitored currency pairs (the exact name of the pair with the prefix and suffix), separated by commas.
  • Notify me if the drawdown will exceed - drawdown level at which notifications are sent.
  • Notify me if the profit will exceed - profit level at which notifications are sent.

When the relative drawdown is selected in the settings, the level of the total stop loss will be recalculated based on the current balance, in case the balance increases.

The operation will not be disrupted for the experts running on the pairs that had not added to monitoring list.

If multi-currency experts are running on the account, and you want to monitor them, simply add all pairs those experts trade and are running on to the monitoring list or choose "All".

Very easy to use

Simply attach it to any chart, customize the input parameters, and once you are ready to start monitoring, press the "Reset start point" button and the utility till start monitoring the trades starting from that moment.

If you want to reset to the initial point, simply press the "Reset start point".

When deleting the Stop&Close from the chart, the monitoring start point will also be reset, but when reloading, changing the input variables or closing the terminal, the starting point will be stored, so you need not worry about the VPS restarts or other problems.


During the operation of the utility do not change the settings for the period of the history data on the "History" tab.
The period should be set to "All history", please verify this before using the utility.
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