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MFC Expert

The MFC EA is an adaptive expert, able to adjust to the current market situation. The EA is based on a proprietary strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and within a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has rollback and retracement waves. If the wave-like movement of the price is a given, then why not use it? The EA determines the current wave and uses it as a basis for plotting price channels with a certain expansion coefficient. When the price leaves the formed range, the EA opens a trade.

The MFC EA has an even or odd wave for each currency pair. The advantage of this method is determining the optimal EA parameters. Minimum configuration and ease of use will allow even a novice trader to trade with the help of the MFC EA.

Input parameters

  • Trailing Start - Position trailing start.
  • Trailing Step - Step or distance to move the Stop Loss from the current price.
  • Take Profit - Take Profit level in points.
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss level of order in points.
  • Lot - Lot size (works only if RISK%% is set to 0).
  • Risk %% - percentage of the current deposit per trade (if set to 0, uses the lot size specified by trader).
  • Momentum Period - period for calculation of market strength.
  • Fractal Period - the number of bars to identify a wave.
  • History Bars - the number of bars in the history.
  • Minimum bars channel - The minimum length of a channel.
  • Coefficient channel - coefficient of the price channel.
  • Alert - notification when opening a trade (True - show, False - hide)
  • Opposite Signal - When an opposite signal appears, move the position to breakeven or close it at the current profit. (True - enable, False - disable)

Monitoring results.

Set files for optimization.


Using the genetic algorithm is not required. Optimize the EA for each currency pair on a time interval of 2 weeks using the special settings for even and odd currency pairs. The obtained results will be valid for 1 trading week, then perform optimization again. The EA can be attached to an H4 chart with the same settings as for the H1. The Expert Advisor is able to work on different periods of the same trading instrument simultaneously. You can also trade manually. If you modify an order opened by the EA, it will be considered third-party and the Trailing Stop function will not be applied to it. Use a VPS for the EA operation. It is not recommended to use the EA on pairs with a very large spread. See the video for instructions on how to use the MFC EA.

Use it on the following pairs: AUDUSD (even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD(odd), NZDUSD (even), USDCAD (even).

Periods for trading: H4, H1. Period for optimization: H1.

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Version 5.6 2017.02.01
Improved the algorithm for calculating the percentage of the deposit per deal. Adapted to work on micro accounts.