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SP Algorithmic Method

This Expert only runs on the 5min Chart.

Opens 6 pending trades with StopLoss and TP set at a certain time (default 6am GMT+2) of the day, Monday to Thursday.

Friday is excluded as the certainty that the Algorithm works on a Friday is very slim, but it can be overwritten in the settings so it run on a Friday but we won't suggest it.

3 of the trades are BUY and the other 3 are SELL.

When the one direction triggers the other direction gets removed.

If the TP triggers on a trade and the other trades are still pending they get removed.

When all TP triggered we are done for the day.

Currently works the best on EUR/USD but also works on some of the other currencies.

Other Settings:

  1. Set all TP to be the same as the first transaction in a particular direction.
  2. Set StopLoss to percentage of Equity when 3rd trade is triggered. To minimise losses.
  3. Certain date when Algorithm does sometime not work to avoid losses. This can be switched off.

Input Explanation:

  1. The hour in GMT+2 time the Algorithm must run every day.
  2. Percentage used to calculate the lot size of the 6 orders which will be create at the above time.
  3. The next Tuesday which GP CPI announcement will be, this is a no trade day the Tuesday and Monday before GB CPI. This date automatically shift to the next month if its past the date.
  4. Flag to override the GB CPI no trade day and trade on the Tuesday and Monday of this date.
  5. Random date we discovered which we must not trade on Monday and Tuesday, this may change if we discover its no longer needed.
  6. Flag to override setting 5 and trade on that Tuesday and Monday.
  7. Factor used to calculate the StopLoss when the 6 orders opens.
  8. StopLoss percentage of Equity when 3 trades have triggered.
  9. Flag to switch of setting 8 above.
  10. Override the no Friday trading and trade on Fridays.
  11. Flag to make all TP the same as the first trade.
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Version 1.22 2016.12.01
Fixed a bug when orders older than a day still exist and its not delete by the next spam run.