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Pound Trader

  • This EA is set for GBPUSD pair but you can try it for other pairs
  • This EA use MACD and Stochastic indicators to find signals.
  • First trade is open when signal occure.
  • Next orders are opened when signal occure and minimum distance from last trade is reached
  • Buy and sell trades are closed separately or all together.
  • You can turn OFF global TakeProfit/StopLoss and set them for each trade
  • You can set emergency stop - trades will be closed if there will be price movement greater the emergency stop
  • Use on 15M timeframe
  • Minimum account balance for 0.01 Lot is 500 USD.


  • Lot - volume of the opened position
  • MaxTrades - maximum number of opened trades
  • Pipstep - distance between trades
  • Global_TakeProfit - set to True if you want for automatic closing orders when TakeProfit reached, if set to False you have to close trades manually, Real TakeProfit calculation: TakeProfit * Lot
  • Global_TakeProfit _Value - closing orders when TakeProfit value is reached and condition of indicator are met
  • Global_StopLoss - activate automatic closing orders to cut losses, True - closing orders when reached StopLoss * Lots, False - closing orders when TakeProfit reached and condition of indicator are met
  • Global_StopLoss_Value - closing orders when StopLoss value is reached
  • TakeProfit - Take profit for each trade ON/OFF
  • TakeProfit_Value - Take profit value for each trade in points
  • StopLoss - Stop loss for each trade ON/OFF
  • StopLoss_Value - Stop loss value for each trade in points
  • Reverse - reverse trades - open buy on sell signal, open sell on buy signal
  • Magic - set your magic number
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