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Active Scalping

The Expert Advisor only trades when the market is active. The robot automatically determines the market activity and when it sees a favorable situation for entering, it performs a deal. If the signal was false, the EA attempts to move the deal to break-even using averaging. Recommended timeframe is H1, pair - GBP/USD or any other! Use leverage from 1:500, preferably 1:1000! The robot is able to trade news and slight price fluctuations with ease, and it stops trading if the market is inactive. The minimum deposit starts from 600 cents or USD.


  • Auto lot - Amount for calculation of the auto lot. For example - 100, then if the deposit is 500, a lot size of 0.05 will be used, etc!
  • Order lot - Lot size, if the above value is set to 0.
  • Active tick - The activity for trading. The higher the values, the more active market will be chosen... It is recommended to set a value from 10 to 100.
  • Trailing Stop - Automatic trailing stop.
  • Take profit - Take profit.
  • Magic number - Magic number.
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