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StalkingPrice is a fully automated trading system, which does not use any indicators and is based on the breakout of the previous bar's high or low during a reverse movement. Through the use of the Martingale method, trade averaging and advanced trailing stop system, the system shows good results.

Operation algorithm

The algorithm is simple. The EA sets a sellstop order on the previous bar's low during an upward chart movement and a buystop order on the previous bar's high at a downward chart movement. In case of a trend reversal, the pending order triggers and a position is opened. If the price moves at a loss, the EA opens additional orders with lot multiplied by the ratio. If a series of orders gets into a positive profit, the EA places a take profit and uses a trailing stop. The EA features the function for closing all orders when reaching a specified total loss: set "Stop loss (%/$)" parameter in deposit currency or % of the deposit. When a total loss reaches this value, all orders are closed. The EA can also close all orders when an equity reaches a certain value: after closing all orders, the EA saves the equity and adds "Profit taking (%/$)" value to it. As soon as the equity reaches the specified value, all orders are closed. Another function is closing covered orders. When a number of orders opened in one direction reaches "The number of transactions to start" parameter, the EA sums a loss of the most loss-making order and a profit of the two most profitable ones at each price move. If the total profit is positive, all three orders are closed.


  • Magic – magic number of opened positions;
  • Lots – starting lot in the series of orders;
  • Coefficient lots lot multiplier (should be greater than 0);
  • Step SL,point – trailing step in points (recommended to set above 10 for 5-digit quotes);
  • Distances open,point – order opening distance from the previous bar's high or low;
  • TakeProfit – take profit;
  • Distances SL,point – distance from the price to the breakeven of a series of orders (stop loss is set breakeven);
  • Minimum order step,point – minimum distance between orders in the same direction within a series.
  • Profit Taking – closing by equity: Off - disabled, % - use deposit %, $ - use deposit currency;
  • Profit taking (%/$) – deposit % or currency of the "Profit Taking" parameter used in an equity level calculation;
  • Stop loss – closing at a loss: Off - disabled, % - use deposit %, $ - use deposit currency;
  • Stop loss (%/$) – deposit % or currency of the "Stop loss" parameter used in a loss level calculation;
  • Closing positions on/off – enable closing three covered orders;
  • The number of transactions to start – number of orders in one direction for closing covered orders;
  • Slippage – allowed slippage to close orders;
  • Comment – order comment.
  • Enable Gui – Show information on chart.
Matthew Todorovski
2018.01.18 10:27 

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Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.21 08:25 

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Vladimir Samodurov
2017.10.09 23:36 

Подобрал настройки. Советник показывает очень хорошие результаты на тестах. Буду пробовать на реале.

Viktor Koroveshi
2017.09.22 14:25 

Good expert


2017.09.06 20:19 

Oh yeah i like this one, i like the fact when set up properly it will do automatic zone recovery!

2017.08.18 13:57 

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Ali irwan
2017.08.17 17:49 


Version 1.13 - 2017.08.29
Fixed info panel. On the info panel, added a new button to stop trading.
Version 1.12 - 2017.04.10
Revised drawdown exiting algorithm.
Version 1.11 - 2017.03.14
Bug fix in the panel. Added possibility to disable the display of the panel on the chart (to increase testing speed)
Version 1.1 - 2017.02.23
Added closing orders at a certain drawdown and equity growth, as well as closing the most loss-making and most profitable positions in a breakeven. Also, added the panel on the chart.