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FxConnect Basic Slave

FxConnect Slave is an Expert Advisor for slaves accounts.

FxConnect Slave is part of FxConnect suite of software to replicate Forex accounts with MetaTrader platform.

FxConnect Slave copies new trades and changes to slaves accounts.

The basic version of the software copies trades with a speed of 1 to 15 seconds.

The pro version of the software copies trades with a speed of 1 to 100 milliseconds.

The software manages different type of orders:

  • BUY / SELL orders

Main inputs of the EA are:

  • ProviderKey: input of the key connect you to the same channel as the master account so that you can replicate master account
  • OpenNewTrades (True/False):. when set to False, EA will only manage existing trades and will not open new trades
  • Use Backup mode (True/False): to active copy of trades
  • BackupFreqSec: speed of refresh in seconds to replicate orders from the master account
  • LotMultiplier: multiplier for lots to use to replicate trades from the master reference account*
  • MaxPipsDiff: max difference between price in your platform and open price of the master account to accept replication of new trades

*The master reference account is the official published account for the master account.

Slave accounts can use a lot multiplier to adapt lot size to the capital they have in their accounts.

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