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The MarketDelta indicator displays the information about the delta and volumes of the past deals on the chart.

This indicator is designed for the instruments that have the data on real volumes transmitted.

The delta is the difference between the ASK and BID volumes. It can be used to determine if the buyers or sellers are more active in the market.

The indicator draws the volume values on the right side of the bar and the delta values on the left side.

The indicator also allows to see the information on the last bar in more details, in the form of a table to the right of the main chart.

As all information might not fit on the screen, the table can be scrolled up and down, always showing the latest deal.


  • Show delta on price - enable/disable display of the delta on the price;
  • Show volume on price - enable/disable display of the volume on the price;
  • Positive delta color - color of the positive delta;
  • Negative delta color - color of the negative delta;
  • Volume color - color of the volume value.
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