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Project Volas

Project Volas is a fully automated EA that algorithmically combines two distinctive trading techniques - Sniping and Machine Gunning.

It patiently snipes for trading opportunities by detecting fast price movement and when opportunity is detected, it transforms into a machine gunner in executing trades and scalping as much as possible within the opportunity trading window.

Check out my back test video to see what I mean.

This EA is recommended for EURUSD pair on M5 time frame.


  • Built-in with an intelligent algorithm that combines Sniping and Machine Gunning trading techniques
  • Detects trading opportunity using latest price movement and doesn't look back to outdated candles or lagging indicators
  • The EA automatically avoids consolidation period when market is indecisive
  • Protected with Stop Loss and Trailing Stop
  • Suitable for small account size or deposit
  • Just drag and drop onto chart
  • Set files not required
  • No martingale, no grid and no hedging
  • Compatible with other EAs

Back Tested on 99.00% Modelling Quality - Check Out My Back Test Video

  • Back tested with latest released version of Birt's Tick Data Suit (version 2)
  • Back tested with simulated variable spread range of 1 to 3 pips (10 to 30 points)
  • Back tested with simulated slippage of 1 pip (10 points)
  • Back test modeling quality of 99.00% which is the highest degree of back test accuracy

Robustness Tested: "In Sample" VS "Out of Sample" Testing

  • EA was developed, back tested and optimized using "In Sample" historical data from Jan 2004 to Dec 2014
  • Historical data from Jan 2015 to Sep 2016 was intentionally left out of scope from the development phase to be used for "Out of Sample" testing
  • Both "In Sample" testing (2004-2014) and "Out of Sample" testing (2015-2016) have shown good stability and robustness in the EA from the test results
  • See test results for "In Sample" and "Out of Sample" periods in the attached screenshots below


  • Recommended Pair: EURUSD
  • Time Frame: M5
  • Trading Days & Time: No restriction on days or time, and suitable for news trading
  • Brokers: ECN brokers recommended or brokers with low spread, low commission and fast execution
  • FIFO Regulation: Do not use Brokers with FIFO regulation as this EA does not comply with FIFO regulation
  • Spread: Must not exceed 1.2 pips (12 points)
  • Minimum Deposit: 100 USD
  • Minimum Leverage: 1:400


  • Lot Size: Set lot size. This will become a fixed lot size value if auto lot sizing is disabled
  • Enable Auto Lot Sizing: Auto lot sizing is disabled by default. Risk will be higher when using auto lot sizing
  • Enable Always Up Lot Sizing: Only applicable if auto lot sizing is enabled. If enabled, lot size will always increase
  • Balance Amount Per Lot Size Step (in $): Only applicable if auto lot sizing is enabled. Set balance amount for each lot size step. The lesser the amount, the higher the risk
  • Balance Amount To Start Auto Lot Sizing (in $): Only applicable if auto lot sizing is enabled. Set balance amount to trigger auto lot sizing
  • Max Lot Size: Only applicable if auto lot sizing is enabled. Set maximum lot size for auto lot sizing
  • Enable Spread Filter: Enable spread filter feature
  • Max Spread (in points): Only applicable if spread filter is enabled. Set maximum spread in points (not pips) for spread filter
  • Max Slippage (in points): Set maximum slippage in points (not pips)
  • Enable Balance Protection: Enable balance protection feature
  • Balance To Protect (in $): Only applicable if balance protection is enabled. Set balance amount to protect. When this amount is reached, trading will stop and all trades will be closed
  • Enable Delayed Monday Start: Enable delayed Monday start feature
  • Monday Start Time (Your Broker's Server Time): Only applicable if delayed Monday start is enabled. Set Monday start time to start trading. This time value follows your broker's time
  • Enable Early Friday Close: Enable early Friday close feature
  • Close Trades On Friday End Time: Only applicable if early Friday close is enabled. Set to true to automatically close trades upon Friday end time
  • Friday End Time (Your Broker's Server Time): Only applicable if early Friday close is enabled. Set Friday end time to end trading prior to Friday close. This time value follows your broker's time
  • Trade On Sunday~Saturday: Enable trading on individual day of week
  • Trade Comment: Set comment for every trade order
TOPKAKA 2018.06.15 17:29 

It took all my 100,000 U.S. dollars off

HappyJP 2018.04.10 19:28 

Lot of deleted pending orders, no market entry

update 10/04/18

seems to work, places pending orders and closes positions quickly. For now I put three stars, let's see if it can be constant

Simone Stucchi
Simone Stucchi 2017.06.30 08:37 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Brunaglia1 2017.06.30 08:36 

The seller says that the ea trades rarely but the truth is that it never trade! I attached it on 6 chart for a week and it have only opened a lot of order in 1 minute and close all immediately.It do this 2 times and stop after nothing more. If you are lucky you don't lose but of course you will never gain with this ea

Fredy58 2017.04.20 09:49 

Die Geduld wurde belohnt!

Ian Macmillan
Ian Macmillan 2017.01.13 19:34   

Rented it for 3 months, testing on demo account, EUR/USD 5m chart, lets see how it does.

Andrea 2017.01.12 20:37 

I tested EA on my live account for 10 days.

Little gain for now.

I'm waiting for release 3.0.

Good support from Dave.

jrc74 2016.12.15 14:29 

I just bought this EA. The Backtest is trust with the video of the author. Go live from one day, little gain, little loss for now! I await for the results. i hope are good!! I use only as raccomandation EUR/USD 5 min

fxdn 2016.11.23 03:00 

Very good support from Dave and he always answered my PM promptly. Last week's overall PnL is profitable on my account. Graet job.

Version 3.1 2017.05.02
Project Volas V3.1 Updates:
- Minor enhancement of some code structures for better efficiency in processing
- Refresh parameters list for better clarity
Version 3.0 2017.01.23
- Major algorithm enhancement that includes integration of a hybrid form of "Pyramiding" strategy
- Removed option to select between different Volas strategies due to the major changes in the algorithm
- Added "Use_AlwaysUpLotSizing" option to disable/enable always up lot sizing
- Added "Enable_Balance_Protection" option to disable/enable balance protection feature
- Added "Enable_Delay_Monday_Start" option to disable/enable delayed Monday start time feature
- Added "Enable_Early_Friday_Close" option to disable/enable early Friday end time feature
Version 2.0 2016.12.22
- Added Balance_To_Protect parameter for adjustable balance protection
- Added MondayStartTime parameter for delayed start on Monday open
- Added FridayEndTime parameter for early Friday close
- Added CloseTradesOnFridayEndTime for option to close all trades on Friday End Time
- Added option to disable/enable trading for specific week days
- Added MaxSlippage_In_Points parameter to allow slippage setting
- Enhanced algorithm for better spread tolerance
- Removed display info panel