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Candle Breakout SS

Candle Breakout SS is a multi-currency Expert Advisor, which works on Major Currency Pairs and M1 or M5 timeframe.

The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies like Martingale.

Using strategy Breakout,Trailing Stop and Volatility it is easy to adapt to market conditions.

Can also be used on other major pairs.

For Customers

Forex Robot All The Ways You Love Forex With Candle Breakout SS

Strategy Tester Result

Tested for 5 years: On EURUSD year 2010 to 2015 it very successful.


  • Use 1 currency pair on 1 account.
  • Use a broker with low spread and VPS.
  • Use a broker with Rebate.
  • You can begin to use it with $100 only.


  • MAGICMA = magic number.
  • risk = ratio of Account Balance to trade.
  • MaxSpread = maximum spread to limit spread allowed to trade.
  • Slippage = permissible slippage for opening an order.
  • lockdown_lock = Trailing Stop.
  • stoploss = order stop loss.
  • Limit = Range of Breakout.
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