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Royal Trade


The product is recommended for daily trading on EURUSD.

The EA applies the order grid. It averages the common position and closes at a specified Profit.

The robot does not depend too much on trading conditions. Swap, Spread, slippage and signal delay do not affect its operation.

Trading conditions

The EA uses the adaptive algorithm to define the probability of the market rise or fall.

Then, it opens Buy or Sell market orders with the distance of 0.002 from each other by the chart scale.

Losing positions are closed by Stop Loss or at a trend reversal.

Profitable trades are closed by Take Profit or Profit parameter.

The EA defines the market movement quite well.


  1. Lot - market order volume (recommended value Lot=0.01);
  2. Take_Profit - take profit level (recommended value Take_Profit=0.01);
  3. Stop_Loss - stop loss level (recommended value Stop_Loss =0.01);
  4. Profit - total profit, at which all orders are closed (recommended value Profit =30).

Good luck!

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