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This Script is "What you were looking for"

Help You To Easy Open Pending Order:

  • Open Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit By Hot Key.
  • Calculate Lot Size Automatically (position size management).
  • Stop To Open New Order When Daily Loss Exceeded.

How To Setup

  1. First Set Hot Key For Faster Run (Default Ctrl+O, Fig-1 and Fig-2)
  2. Run Script For First Time
  3. Go To Folder "MQL4\Files".
  4. You Can Find "openOrderConfig.txt" File (Fig-3).
  5. Open This File With "NotePad" Or other Text File Editor.
  6. Change Default Setting If You Want:
    • LotsSizePercent=0.5
    • MaxDailyLossPercent=1.5
    • AverageSpreed=10
  7. Save "openOrderConfig.txt" File

Parameters Descriptions

  • LotsSizePercent: Lot Size For Open Order By Percent Of Account Balance (example: when set 0.5, the new order lot is 0.5% of Your Account Balance).
  • MaxDailyLossPercent: Daily Loss Limit By Percent Of Account Balance(example: when set 1.5, if daily loss come close this percent, new pending order not open by "OpenOrder")
  • AverageSpreed: 10 (pips),10 pips is my default average spread for my broker for EURUSD

How To Use

To Open New Pending Order Run "OpenOrder":

  1. Tow Price Label Added To Active Chart After Run (Fig-4).
  2. Red Label Is Stop Loss Point And Blue Label Is Entry Point.
  3. Move Stop And Entry Label For Adjust Entry And Stop Points.
  4. Run "OpenOrder" Again To New Pending Order Open At Your Entry And Stop Point (Fig-5, consider that order stop price set beyond your stop label because this scrip consider spread).
  5. After Open Order Tow New Label Added To Chart, (Pink Label = 1R Profit And Blue Label Is Suggested Risk Free Point. You Can Ignore Them).
Please Test It In Demo Account Before Use At Real Account.

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