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Binary Trigger

Binary Trigger is an EA to trade binary options with Stop and Limit orders.

You can define the level you want to enter a trade and when this level is reached the EA will fire a PUT or CALL trade.

The trades can be processed directly by your Metatrader broker if this broker offer binary options plugin.

You also can use some binary options gateways to send your signals to binary options web brokers.

Please read comment for the list of compatible binary options brokers.

Main inputs of the EA are the followings:

  • TypePrice (PriceClose, PriceRealTime): price to use to trigger order
  • PriceTrigger: level of price to fire trade
  • TradeDirection: PUT or CALL when price level is reached
  • TypeExpiry: ShortTerm or HighLow
  • ShortTermExpiry: 60S / 2M / 5M / 15M / 30M / 60M
  • HighLowExpiryGMT: time of expiry like 22:30 GMT
  • Investment: amount of money to trade with Metatrader

The EA can alert you when price level is reached:

  • DisplayAlert: True/False
  • SoundAlert: True/False
  • SoundFile: file to be used for sound alerts
  • TestSound: to check sound alerts when EA is initialized
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Version 1.81 2016.12.30
There is no change of functionality with this new version. Just correction of display for short term expiries. To be displayed like 60S for 60 seconds and 60M for sixty minutes. And former version it only showed 60 which could cause some confusion.