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This robot trades breakout SR levels on a selected timeframe. It is successful on many instruments and timeframes from M5 to H1. The robot has a special filter that measures the strength of price movement and will not allow opening a trade if the breakout SR levels are weak. An ECN broker with a minimal spread is recommended.

  • only one trade
  • easy setup
  • no martingale
  • no grid
  • no hedging


  • TimeFrame - timeframe for the search of SR levels
  • MinEnergy - minimum size of the force of the price movement, the optimal value of 10, higher value = less trades but greater success
  • EntryLine - color of entry line, on which a trade is opened. Maximum spread is checked before the market entry
  • Distance from SR - distance of an entry line from the SR level
  • MaxSpread - maximum size of the spread at the opening of trade. Trade will not be opened when the spread is greater
  • Lot – trade volume
  • Risk% - automatic calculation lot according to % of account size and stop loss sizes
  • Slippage - maximum deviation when opening trade
  • TP – take profit in points
  • SL on BE - in this profit in points moves SL to the opening price of trade
  • SL+ TrailingSL - StopLoss and TrailingSL distance
  • TrailingSL_Step - step of moving StopLoss
  • Magic - identification number of this EA
  • comment – comment for trades
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