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History orders Visual Demo

This is the test version, shows only the visual of the last 10 history orders.

Remind you to use the official version:


This is a useful and interesting little script for Forex trading.

It is used to show the history of orders and histories of trading records for a single symbol.

Double-click on it and it will immediately reproduce the entire history of orders for the current symbol on the chart.

The visual contents

The positions where the orders are opened and closed, with an arrow flag.

When the mouse pointer is over the flag, it displays the properties of the trade, which include:

Order symbol, order ticket, order type, order position (time and price when opened and closed), trade volume.

The stop loss line marks for orders

When the mouse pointer is over the mark, the stop loss price will be displayed.

The line between positions which the orders was closed and opened at.

With a simple click, the complex records of the history orders are visually presented on the chart. This would make it easy for you to review, analyze and summarize the historical transactions.

This script is a switch. When you click it again, it will immediately delete all the contents of the visual (but will not delete the other objects on the chart).

The script can be used for all the foreign exchange currency on the chart (not for binary options); you can open or close it at any time to observe their own history trade.

The script does not need any external settings. Click on the script, then the script will be executed immediately; it will not pop up any confirmation window.

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