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Universal Trading System

Universal Trading System can be applied in both automated and semi-automated trading. Automated trading includes graphical market analysis with subsequent opening and closing buy and sell positions. The EA makes all trading decisions.

Semi-automated trading includes market analysis and tracking positions. However, the EA needs your confirmation to open orders. As soon as the market conditions are suitable for opening a buy/sell order, the EA notifies you of that by emails, push notifications and audio alerts. The robot displays the arrows and lines above the buy arrow and below the sell arrow. You should be ready to open a position right after the price touches the specified line for as long as the price remains below the buy line or above the sell line after a signal is activated.


  • AutoTrade - automated or manual trading (true - automated, false - manual);
  • TimeSignal - pause after a signal, during which the next signal in the same direction is not activated (in minutes). The parameter works only in case of a manual trading;
  • Director - after a buy/sell signal, the next signal is not activated regardless of the direction till the trading pause set in TimeSignal expires (only for manual trading);
  • MM - auto money management;
  • Lot - lot size if the auto money management is disabled;
  • RiskPercent - risk % for auto money management;
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Slippage - maximum slippage;
  • VoiceGuidance - EA voice messages;
  • UseAlert - EA audio messages;
  • UsePrint - sending messages to the log;
  • UseSendMail - email messages;
  • UseSendPush - push notifications;
  • Comments - show info panel on the chart;
  • Distance - distance from the price for placing pending orders;
  • PendingOrders - number of pending orders set at a certain distance from each other;
  • Divergence - distance between pending orders;
  • Expiration - order lifetime, after which they are removed by a broker;
  • StopLossPercentage - % of the deposit you are willing to risk, per one trade;
  • TakeProfitPercentage - % of the deposit you want to receive, per one trade;
  • TimerStop - allow stop loss modification after a certain time;
  • TimerStopLoss - time, after which the stop loss is relocated to the minimum allowable distance (in seconds);
  • MinimumStopLoss - minimum distance for the stop loss (in points);
  • MinimumTakeProfit - minimum distance for the take profit (in points);
  • TradeMode - enable trailing;
  • TrailStart - trailing orders (in points);
  • TrailStep - trailing step;
  • NoLoss - move to breakeven (in points);
  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit for moving to breakeven (usually specified with commission);
  • Averaging - enable position averaging (not used by default);
  • MaxTrades - maximum number of opened trades;
  • Exponent - multiplier of subsequent lots;
  • AutomaticPips - automated calculation of steps between orders;
  • MechanicalPips - step between orders if auto calculation is not applied;
  • Candles - number of candles for auto calculating a step between orders;
  • Delimiter - ratio used to divide the distance between the high and low price for a certain number of candles for the automatic step calculation;
  • Magic - order ID.


  • Instant order execution - ECN (with minimal spreads, commissions and slippage);
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS (with minimal network latency);
  • The EA works on any chart timeframe.
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