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Sun Pips

SUN PIPS is a really unique Expert Advisor consisting of two parts with entirely different operating algorithms.

You can choose which of the two algorithms suits you more. You can further decide on whether to trade using the first or second part or use both parts simultaneously in your account.  

Using optimization, you can select the currency pair to be used with any broker you prefer. 

Fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss values provide protection and reassure that you will not lose your deposit on one unlucky day.

Each week the system can earn you profit. You can choose whether to trade aggressively or conservatively. There is no restriction as to the broker or deposit. Any broker, any deposit, any leverage! SUN PIPS does not use indicators or high-risk systems such as grids or martingale.
  • Trade execution is fully automated
  • Detailed data analysis with the Strategy Tester
  • Trades on all accounts - micro, mini and standard accounts
  • Trades with any MetaTrader 4 broker
  • Works with NFA regulated brokers
  • Features an advanced money management system
  • Features a smart protection system
  • No martingale components

Use the Expert Advisor on M15, М30 and H1. It is very easy to install. All you need is a computer, a broker and the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

The Expert Advisor shows effective performance on standard, mini and micro accounts with 4- and 5-digit brokers.


  • trade_part_1 = true - ability to trade and make settings for the first part.
  • trade_part_2 = true - Ability to trade and make settings for the second part.
  • settings = part_1 - settings for the first part of the Expert Advisor
  • divergence = true - responsible for the market analysis in parallel to the main algorithm, recommended value is always "true".
  • risk -  % of the deposit.
  • MagicNumber=20050613 - for identification of orders.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss.
  • Growth - mathematical settings of the operating algorithm. Provided for potential correlation of results. 
  • max_Loss_of_deposit_percentage = 99 - ability to select the maximum drawdown. For example, the value of 5 means that all positions will be closed if the drawdown reaches 5% of the deposit.
  • fixed__lot = false - ability to trade with a fixed lot.
  • fixed_lot - your lot.
  • min_vidstan_zina_order = 0 - mathematical settings of the operating algorithm. They are used to avoid errors when opening orders. The recommended value is 0.
  • settings_2 = part_2 - settings for the second part.
  • MagicNumber_2 = 123456789 - for identification of orders.
  • Time_UTS = 2 - your broker's time in GMT format.
  • Delta_2 = 0 - mathematical settings of the operating algorithm. The recommended value is 0.
  • Stoploss_2 - Stop Loss.
  • Takeprofit_2 - Take Profit.
  • risk_2 = 2 - % of the deposit.
  • NoLoss_2 = 0 - mathematical settings of the operating algorithm. The recommended value is 0.
  • Lot_2 = 0.1 - enables trading with a fixed lot.
  • TradeMonday_2 = true - enables trading on Mondays.
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