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Future Scalper

Future Scalper robot is fully automated scalper. No need for additional skills of trading to use this robot, so everyone will know how to use this robot, because robot already has settings for trading, also robot has clear input menu. This robot is based on Bollinger bands and Envelopes indicators. Robot trades at night when market is more flat. In this way, there is less risk to get trade during big movements. The robot doesn't use any risky strategy elements for trading, so your deposit is protected from big losses.

Live accounts testing


  • All trades are protected with logic stop loss, every stop loss level is created by market condition, often it will be about 10-20 pips
  • No grid
  • No martingale or martingale elements
  • There are no risky strategy elements
  • Robot can trade by money management or fixed lot
  • Robot have additional functions: trailing stop, break even, spread filter for people who want to find another effective settings or use additional functions for bigger safety

Testing in history

Testing in history with Future scalper robot showed well results on GBPUSD M5, USDCHF M5, USDCAD M5, EURUSD M5

On GBPUSD M5 and USDCHF M5, it showed stable results from 2011 to 2016.


  • It is recommended to start trading from low risk, like 1% for beginning. This robot can be used on multiple charts on the same terminal, just don't forget to change magic number for each chart and set lower risk for each chart.
  • It is recommended to use broker account with lower spread.
  • It is recommended to use VPS for trading.


Robot already has optimized settings for trading, so just attach robot on the chart and nothing more to do.


Karolis Vaicekauskas - Forex trader and Forex automated systems developer for more than 5 years.

If you have some questions about this product, feel free and contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Expert Advisor parameters

  • Risk management: (true/false) if you use "Risk management" then "Lot trading" must be false
  • Risk: money management by risk %
  • Lot trading: (true/false) if you use "Lot trading" then "Risk management" must be false
  • Lot: fixed lot
  • Use trailing stop: true/false
  • Trailing stop: trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step: one trailing step
  • Trailing start: pips offset from the open price
  • Use break even: true/false
  • Pips on profit: pips on profit then break even will be activated
  • Break even offset: when break even is activated, you can set its level. For example, if (input Break even offset) is 10, then break even will be placed +10 pips on profit, you can set negative number too e.g -10
  • Use max spread: true/false
  • Max spread: set max spread
  • Start time: it's start hour of the day when robot will have permission to start trading. Robot was created by GMT+2 time, this working hour is very important, so please adjust your broker time by GMT+2.
  • End time: it's end hour of the day when robot won't have permission anymore to trade that day. Robot was created by GMT+2 time, this working hour is very important, so please adjust your broker time by GMT+2.
  • Slippage: permissible slippage for opening an order
  • Comment of order: Comment of order
  • Magic number: unique number for each chart
Vitaly Snarov
Vitaly Snarov 2018.03.05 14:57 

Поддержка на 5 быстро квалифицировано . сейчас поставил тестировать на демо счете планирую поставить на реал

alesridl 2018.01.10 15:20 

Interesting EA with good performance. Very good communication and support from owner!

Yarzu25 2017.11.23 20:23 

No good on backtesting for EURUSD.

Giulio Franceschini
Giulio Franceschini 2017.08.16 09:09 

Worth the money it costs.

Rudolf De Heer
Rudolf De Heer 2017.06.30 07:54 

Tested on real tick data with slippage simulation from 01/15/2015 till 27/06/2017 on pair GBPUSD M5 default setting. Result was -73%! My test results almost blew up the account. I would not reccomand this product unless i can verify some good results with real tick data and slippage simulation, which is not the case at the moment.

Mohammad Shaban
Mohammad Shaban 2017.02.08 17:30 

update 8th feb 2017: after 2 months of running this EA on real account, i can say starting from 1 month the results are very bad, so i stop using it and dont recommend it for now, tell author make it better in next update, advice: dont buy for now at least.

ok, just purchased the EA today , the author: Karolis Vaicekauskas was very nice guy, great and fast support, answered all my concerns and i will start using it today, will provide you on monthly bases my updated review on its performance, for now i will give him 5 stars, because such fast and detailed answered support you cannot find it in many EAs authors, thumps up, please keep good and professional attitude karlos :)

Drunken Sailor
Drunken Sailor 2017.01.30 23:23 

Работает ) но редко в профит.

Shamin Hameed
Shamin Hameed 2017.01.17 15:45 

Very Good support, fast feedback and assistance with setup of EA. I got my moneys worth with a recommendation for the good broker. Takes time to find a good developer and something which works. So a happy customer.

Martyska55 2017.01.03 15:52 

Very good robot, simple to use, just 1click. I`m very happy that i bought Future scalper.

Great support from owner!

8san4o5 2016.12.29 11:33 

Stumbled on the robot around to benchmarking on a demo account, it has shown good results in the default settings, and that surprised quite a low drawdown. During the night there were a couple of transactions on a real account until a plus, see how it goes in the future. Seller responds quickly, as promised did discount.

Случайно наткнулся на робота, потестировал на демо счете, показал хорошие результаты при стандартных настройках и что удивило довольно низкую просадку. За ночь было пару сделок на реальном счете, пока в плюс, посмотрим как пойдет в дальнейшем. Продавец отвечает быстро, как и обещал сделал скидку.

Birute Simanaviciene
Birute Simanaviciene 2016.11.30 00:41 

Super,works very well in real account ! very low drawdown and stable profit, worth every dollar , i'm using icmarket broker true ecn account type, the same as seller using

Simone Stucchi
Simone Stucchi 2016.11.15 13:48 

very bad

continuo a perdere

Xi Lu
Xi Lu 2016.11.10 16:45 

very good! 卖家也非常热心!

Anwar Hussain
Anwar Hussain 2016.11.07 15:39 

Great support by the owner >> Thanks