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Fx Tomahawk

The Expert Advisor trades based on the strategy between grid and averaging with variable step. IF the opened orders are unprofitable, the subsequent orders are opened with an increased lot. The EA requires a substantial deposit and does not suit emotional traders, as drawdown is a part of this strategy. The Fx Tomahawk has been developed on the basis of 8 years of trading experience. The EA has good survivability. It is no secret that most of the experts are optimization machines and only trade well in the tester. The "Tomahawk 1.0" is not such an expert. It is recommended to attach the EA on 2 charts, one for LONG and one for SHORT, but it is also possible to trade on a single chart. Chart timeframe: 5-10-15-30 mins. Do not chase excessive profit and select the EA parameters wisely. There are very few profitable strategies, the averaging strategy is one of the few.


  • OFF NEWS SERIES ORDERS - Do not open new orders.
  • NAME EA - Name of the EA in the journal of open orders.
  • Lot - Lot size.
  • Lot Exponent - Multiplier for the subsequently opened order.
  • Take Profit - Take profit level.
  • Slip Max - Maximum slippage when opening orders (first, the EA attempts to open orders at the minimum slippage, gradually increasing its value, and if it fails, then it starts opening orders at the maximum value equal to Slip Max).
  • Number Slip - The number of unsuccessful attempts to open an order for increasing the slippage.
  • Max Trades - The maximum number of orders.
  • Inside Orders - Hidden orders.
  • Point-Pips - Switch from 4 digits to 5 digits.
  • RSI - Trading based on the RSI indicator.
  • RSI min Sell - RSI for opening SELL.
  • RSI max Buy - RSI for opening BUY.
  • Period - Period for the RSI.
  • ATR - the ATR indicator.
  • Orbit - Place order immediately.
  • Step Fix - Fixed Step.
  • Dynamo_Step - Enable dynamic step.
  • TakeProfit_Step - TakeProfit= Step.
  • Dynamo_Scaler - Calculation of dynamic Step.
  • Dynamo_Candles - The number of candles for the calculation of dynamic Step.
  • Step_din_min - Min Step.
  • Step_din_max - Max Step.
  • Spread Max 1 Orders Open - Spread level for opening the first order.
  • Spread Max 2...Orders Open - Spread level for opening the 2 and subsequent orders.
  • Stop_Loss Content - Enable protection against losing the deposit in case of a long-tern co0nnection loss or computer failure (places total StopLoss for all orders at a substantial distance from the nearest order).
  • Stop_Loss Content(Loss) - Size of the StopLoss Content from nearest order.
  • Stop_Loss Content Break Series - If the number of orders exceeds the Stop_Loss Content Break Series, then the specified StopLoss Content is removed.
  • Close Series - Close orders if their number reaches the Close Series.
  • Close Profit - Close orders if they reach the Close Series with total profit equal to Close Profit, which can be positive, negative and 0.
  • Ban Order Candle - Prohibit opening more than 1 order per 1 candle.
  • Period 1-5-10-15-30-60... Period of the candle, where placing 2 or more orders is not allowed (chart must be opened in the terminal).
  • ON-OFF YOUR INDICATOR - Enable "custom" indicator for the EA to trade (the indicator should display only the trend and it should be placed in the indicators folder of the terminal).
  • NAME YOUR INDICATOR - Correct name of the "custom" indicator.
  • 1 Setting - The first value of the "custom" indicator.
  • 2 Setting - The second value of the "custom" indicator (if none, set to -1).
  • 3 Setting -
  • 4 Setting -
  • Time On - The EA operation by time.
  • Start Time Hour - Operation start hour (server time).
  • Start Time Minute - Operation start minute.
  • Stop Time Hour -
  • Stop Time Minute -
  • Sound Orders Profit - Name of the sound file.
  • Sound Orders Open - Name of the sound file.
  • English - Language mode.
  • EXTRA INFO TEST - Additional information on the EA trading during testing (printed in the testing log). Should be disabled during optimization, simple testing or trading.
  • Visual - Enable viewing the EA operation during testing in visual mode. Should be disabled during optimization, simple testing or trading.
  • Reset - Reset counters.
  • Comment - Comments in the left corner of the chart.
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Version 2.1 - 2017.08.07
Fixed a minor bug that does not affect this version of the Expert Advisor, but would affect the subsequent versions.
Version 2.0 - 2016.12.06
The EA features new indicators it can use to open positions: Accelerator, Obv, CCI, Momentum. They should be in the indicators folder.
Also, added the ability to select the most suitable indicator using OVERKILL STRATEGIES for sorting the indicators during optimization. Each indicator has its own index that can be found in the settings.
Added the ability to avoid opening the first order before a swap is charged: Swap Open Orders All - avoid opening an order before a swap is charged (if there are no currently opened orders), Swap Open Orders Triple - avoid opening orders on Wednesday when a triple swap is charged, Swap Hour Open Orders - number of hours before a swap is charged, within which the first order should not be opened. Swap Open Buy - do not open buy orders, Swap Open Sell - do not open sell orders.
The EA now more clearly differentiates between fixed and dynamic steps - Step Fix on-off / Dynamo Step on-off.
Also, added the ability to receive a report on the current EA operation to an email or phone (Mail-1 Mobi-0). If 'true', the report is sent by email, otherwise - by phone. Step Report Minute - report sending frequency ( minutes). Make sure the same chart is opened in the terminal.
Added data on how many opened orders the robot can withstand (the data may be incorrect on cent accounts since the server provides mixed information, the value is located in the upper line next to MAX EA profit).