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The punched range

Operation principles

The Expert Advisor works on any timeframe and symbol.

The main idea: flat is always followed by a strong movement.

The EA determines when the price is located within a particular Delta_Range price range for a certain amount of time set in Time_Minus_Minut. Both parameters are customizable.

The robot sets two BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP pending orders for a specified delta_stop_run time period on a Set_Delta_Price_Stop distance from the previous price range with the specified Set_TakeProfit, Set_StopLoss and lot volume values.

If the price moves beyond the range and a pending order turns into a market one, the second pending order is closed.

The EA contains the TrailingStop block making STOPLOSS follow the price.


  • Set_Lots – pending order lot volume.
  • Set_TakeProfit – profit gained by opened pending orders. The applied format: (200). Recommended values are 50 and higher. The minimum value is limited by your broker.
  • Set_StopLoss – stop loss for pending orders. The applied format: (500). The minimum value is limited by your broker. Recommended value is 200.
  • Set_TrailingStop – trailing stop. The applied format: (150). The stop loss follows the price at a specified distance when it moves to a profitable area. Recommended value is 50.
  • Delta_Range – price range, within which the price is located before pending orders are opened. The applied format: (120). Recommended value is 140.
  • delta_stop_run – two pending orders lifetime in minutes. If the time is up and no order is activated, both orders are removed. The applied format: (120).
  • Set_Delta_Price_Stop – distance between the price range and pending orders open price. Recommended value is 40. The minimum value is limited by your broker.
  • Time_Minus_Minut — time period, during which the price is located within a user-defined range.

If your broker uses suffixes or prefixes in symbol names and the EA does not work on them, contact me and I will implement changes for you.

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