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Binary Option Copy Trading Demo

This is the test version, the trade volume is limited to Limit to no more than $10. And not support the volume replication mode.

For full functionality, please use the full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/17548

MT4 Binary Option(Test Version) Instructions

1. This program (EA) is for binary option on MT4, it is local copying trading mode.

The accounts and the platforms for making signal or copying trading are for MT4 binary option. The both account can be on different platform, also may belong to same platform.

The accounts is not limited to the demo or real (Unless restricted by the platforms).

The account for copying trading and the platforms must support automatic trading binary option.

Copy only the binary option trading, ignore the forex trading.

To copy trading is automatic. As long as the EA does not stop, it will continue to track and copy trading.

May be manually set to suspend making signal or copying trading (If you want skip some orders.)

2. Install and run the EA

Attach the EA program to a chart. The chart may be any, but the EA cannot be repeated attached to multiple charts. Do not carry out any analysis and operation on this char, so as not to interfere with the work of the EA for auto copying trading.

Set the function of the EA:

  • Set one EA for making signal on one MT4 terminal.
  • Other EAs set for copying trading on other MT4 terminals.

Run the MT4 on which the EA for making signal, login to your own account, that is, the account for copying trading.

Run the MT4 on which the EA for copying trading, log into the master account you want track, that is, the account for making signal.

3. Settings for the copying trading EA

A. Allow auto trading. Check “Allow live trading”.

B. parameter setting:

The copying trading EA support self defined amount (default), copy amount, reverses copying.

  • "Self_Amount": set self defined amount (Trade volume is limited to $10).
  • “Copy_Amount”: set to “true”, select the copying amount mode; set to “false”, as the self defined amount mode.
  • “Copy_Ratio”: set the proportion of the copying amount.
  • “Reverse_Copy”: set to “true”, then reverse copy trading, and with self defined amount mode.

Note: whether it is self defined amount or copying amount, the amount shall be less than 1/10 of the available funds, and the amount must be in line with the provisions of the account and the platform.

The amount should be integer and smallest incremental integer times; in auto trading mode, if not an integer and integer times, the systems will automatically rounding.

The expiry of the binary option must be supported by the account and the platform. This EA support 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M, 30M, 60M, etc. expiry.

The EA only supports the major binary option symbols (6 character forex symbol + BO suffix), such as EURUSDbo or EURUSD_OP).

4. about the time delay

It has a very high efficiency for the local copying trading by this EA, not missing any orders (Unless not supported by the platform).

Usually, copying trading and making signal is followed, when there is an order opened on the master account, there will be immediate a response on the account for copying trading.

The time delay will be no more than 3 seconds. If it is more than 10 seconds to have not kept up yet, the EA will give up the copying. The specific circumstances determine by the status of the network and the platform and the market activity.

5. Screen tips

The copying trading status will be displayed on the screen in real time. If you don't need the screen tips, you can choose to close it.

On the screen will dynamically display the settings of the EA, the situation of the account. When there is a order opened, in the same time it will issue a voice prompt and pop-up the subtitles, prompt the relevant information, and display a countdown.

When the order is closed, it will immediately show the results of the trading.

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