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Read Forex News Archive

With this script, you can download the past Forex News.

The News are stored as global variables in the MetaTrader 4. In addition, the news are written to the file FOREXNEWS.csv in the folder MQL4\Files.

Our utility can display the Forex news on the chart.

Our Expert Adivsor will show you the past Forex News in the Strategy Tester. He read the global variables.

So the Expert Adivosr block possible wrong trades in the Strategy Tester. (With the past and current Forex News.)

We think this is important for an accurate examination of a strategy because most strategies should take a break at Forex News.


  • Archive from this year: first year, you want to import
  • ...to this year: last year, you want to import

Following Expert Advisor can view the previews news


So that you can import the Forex News, you must add the following URL:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors
  2. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL"
  3. Add the following URL to the list: http://www.tcoop.de
2016.11.10 18:08 

Show all Forex news on the chart. Great tool. Help me in the evaluation of my trades very much.

Version 1.18 - 2017.08.08
Also stores the text (names) of the news in the Global Varibales.
Version 1.17 - 2016.11.08
Update 1.17:
New server "http://www.tcoop.de" for forex news data.